How To Save A {Dog’s} Life

the lazy pit bull

I have to be honest with you: I recently posted this same story {and quote} on my other blog, so if you subscribe to both, this might seem like a repeat. But I think it bears repeating.     There are so many precious dogs {and cats} in the world who are in need of […]

Why The Lazy Pit Bull?


My best friend and soulmate is a Pit Bull mix. She’s almost 2 years old, and she’s the best dog I’ve ever been honored to know. Her name is Nike Jayne. Since Nike came into my life {which is a post in itself}, all my previous prejudices about Pit Bulls have fallen by the wayside. […]

Welcome To The Lazy Pit Bull.

The Lazy Pit Bull is a brand new blog, which will be launched in the coming weeks! There’s not much to see here right now, but we hope you’ll come back soon and see what’s happening! Take care!