How To Save A {Dog’s} Life

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I have to be honest with you: I recently posted this same story {and quote} on my other blog, so if you subscribe to both, this might seem like a repeat. But I think it bears repeating.
There are so many precious dogs {and cats} in the world who are in need of forever homes. They’re in dire situations in shelters all over the country and they need help fast. 

If you’re like me, you’d probably love to help each and every one of them but you already have pets of your own, or you don’t have the space or financial resources, or maybe you don’t have time to volunteer at a local shelter.

 I get it, trust me. But I firmly believe we don’t need all those things to make a difference. I believe we can all become Agents of Change right where we are, right now. Right this minute.

Take this blog and its companion Facebook page, for example. My goal is to “network” these sweet souls that are in trouble. By posting a link to their stories and their sad eyes, I’m hoping to make the world aware that they’re out there, and they need assistance, and they need it now.

When I post a link, even if it’s for a dog 500 miles from me, my hope is that you’ll share my link with your friends and followers, and maybe they’ll share it with theirs, and pretty soon it’s snowballed.

It’s no longer me, just one person, trying to make a difference, trying to save a life.

No, now it’s a whole bunch of us who did nothing more than post a link to a Facebook, Twitter, or blog. Something as simple as posting a link could be a huge life-changer for one of these animals.

So you see, you don’t have to have a lot of money or a big house with a lot of space. You don’t have to have 2 Saturdays a month to spend at your local shelter. You can make a difference exactly where you are right now – sitting at your desk, in front of your computer, on the internet.

If you don’t think one person can truly make a difference, take 2 minutes to read this story. I think you’ll be surprised how much you can do, all by yourself. 

“Once upon a time, there was a man who went to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach before he began his work.

One day as he was walking along the shore, he looked down the beach and saw a human figure moving like a dancer. He smiled to himself at the thought of someone who would dance to the day, and so he walked faster to catch up.

As he got closer, he noticed that the figure was that of a child, and that what he was doing was not dancing at all. The child was reaching down to the sand, picking up small objects, and throwing them into the ocean.

The man walked closer and called out “Good morning! May I ask what you are doing?”

The young boy paused, looked up, and replied “I’m throwing starfish into the ocean.”

“Then I must ask, why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?” said the somewhat startled man.

The boy replied, “The sun is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back into the water, they’ll die.”

Upon hearing this, the man commented, “But young man, do you not realize that there are miles and miles of beach and there are starfish along every mile? You can’t possibly make a difference!”

At this, the child bent down, picked up yet another starfish, and threw it into the ocean. As it met the water, he said, “It made a difference to that one.”

Here’s the deal: we can’t save them all. Right now, we’ll have to be content to win a few battles here and there, because we’re not going to win the war overnight.

But even if you can only save ONE LIFE, isn’t it worth it?


Why The Lazy Pit Bull?

My best friend and soulmate is a Pit Bull mix. She’s almost 2 years old, and she’s the best dog I’ve ever been honored to know. Her name is Nike Jayne.

Since Nike came into my life {which is a post in itself}, all my previous prejudices about Pit Bulls have fallen by the wayside. She’s debunked every myth and disproven every stereotype.
 – She’s not aggressive, even toward strangers.
 – She absolutely loves children and other animals.
 – It breaks her heart if she thinks I’m mad at her for any reason.
 – She’s a snuggler, and at night when she’s ready to sleep, she can’t get close enough.
 – She’s so smart.
 – She loves with all her heart.
 – She is amazingly loyal.
A few years ago when Michael Vick {who was a favorite NFL player of mine} made headlines with a dog-fighting scandal, I was angry, sure. Having always been an animal lover, I couldn’t understand how someone could treat a dog the way he {and his cronies} treated these dogs. I mean, how icy cold a heart must one have to take pleasure in seeing a dog –  a companion animal – fight another dog to the death? I just couldn’t understand it.
But It wasn’t until I got to know a Pit Bull on a personal level that I truly became outraged by Vick’s antics. It wasn’t until I saw first-hand that these dogs don’t have to be vicious killing machines; that in fact they are sweet and cuddly and want to be loved. 
When I look at Nike’s precious face, that’s when I become outraged.
When I hear stories like Belle‘s, of dogs being used as bait to train other dogs to fight, that’s when I become outraged.
Or stories like Rilind‘s, about a sweetheart thrown away like trash and left to die, without a second thought, that’s when I become outraged.
Or Dolly‘s story, a tale of how a sweet girl was “saved” from the shelter by a seemingly nice family, only to be returned a few months later after having been used as a bait dog, that’s when I become outraged.
And when I read about proposed Breed Specific Legislation, and about folks in danger of losing their beloved dogs due to narrow minded thinking, ignorance, and in essence “racial profiling”, that’s when I become outraged.
Are we going to let these atrocities continue? Isn’t it time we started to defend and protect this beautiful breed, these dogs that are so feared and misunderstood that strangers will cross the street to avoid meeting us on the sidewalk?
Yes, it’s high time we did something to stop this.
We must raise awareness. We must fight ignorance. We must ban together. How we’ll do it, I’m not sure, and what purpose this blog will serve remains to be determine. But I hope you’ll join me. 
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