Pit Bull Facts: Do You Know The Truth?

Pit Bull Facts: Do You Know The Truth?

If you share your life with a Pit Bull, you know there are an unbelievable number of rumors and myths surrounding the breed. If you’ve never actually spent any time with a Pit Bull, you probably believe the rumors and myths.

Before a Pit Bull came into my life, I, too, believed the myths. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I was afraid of Pit Bulls, but I certainly didn’t feel comfortable around them. But then I did some research and learned from my own experience. Did you know that:

  • In temperament testing, different variations of “Pit Bull Breeds” actually test better than common “family dog” breeds like Dachshunds, Collies, Golden Retrievers, and Cocker Spaniels.
  • Pit Bulls do not have “locking jaws”. There’s no proof of any kind of “locking mechanism” of the jaw and/or teeth that is different from any other dog.
  • Pit Bulls are gentle, loving dogs who are so eager to please their human counterparts. Hugging like you see in the picture below? Happens to me every single day. 
  • In the early 20th century, Pit Bulls were the number one family pet.
  • Many Pit Bulls are very good with children, and in fact, some people used to call them “Nanny Dogs”. Of course, no responsible parent would leave their child unattended with any breed of dog. But it’s a fact that the Pit Bull was once considered a wonderful pet for kids.
  • Many Pit Bulls get along wonderfully with other animals. Not all do. But then again, not all Poodles get along with other animals. Not all Labrador Retrievers get along with other animals. You get my point. Every animal has its own unique personality. Just as all humans are different, so are all animals. 
Pit Bull Facts: Do You Know The Truth?
  • Pit Bulls are not naturally aggressive. Like any dog, however, they may react aggressively under stressful circumstances. Any animal’s behavior is going to be impacted by abuse, neglect, and other negative situations.
  • No single neutered household pet Pit Bull has ever killed anyone.
  • Some people actually believe Pit Bulls don’t feel pain. Seriously? This has to be the most ridiculous of all the Pit Bull rumors. They are living, breathing beings – of course they feel pain!
  • The term “Pit Bull” does not define a single breed. Many dog breeds fall into the category of Pit Bull, including Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Cane Corso, and American Pit Bull Terrier. 
Pit Bull Facts: Do You Know The Truth?
  • Dogs that are not Pit Bulls are often mistaken for the breed. Think you know what a Pit Bull looks like? Test your skills. I bet you’ll be amazed at how much you don’t know.
  • Pit Bulls are the most euthanized dog in the US. This is in part because there are so many myths surrounding them, which makes some people believe they’re not suitable for adoption. THIS IS NOT TRUE. A rescued Pit Bull can make a wonderful companion. Again, you have to judge each dog individually. You cannot make an intelligent, well-informed decision about a dog based on hearsay, myths, or stereotyping – just as you can’t lump all people into a single category.

Negative Pit Bulls stories are often in the news, but have you ever wondered why? When my neighbor’s Cocker Spaniel bit a neighborhood kid, it took 13 stitches to close the wound, but unless you were there when it happened, you wouldn’t know about it because it didn’t make the evening news. No one is interested in a story about a Cocker Spaniel who attacked the kid who was pestering him.

The truth is, the media likes to sensationalize the Pit Bull stories because FEAR SELLS. People like to jump on a negative bandwagon. How many times have you gotten an email or seen a Facebook post from someone passing along a negative story {without verifying its validity}, trying to get everyone riled up about it?
It’s the same thing with Pit Bulls. People love to spread the hate. And sadly, a single negative Pit Bull story often dilutes all the wonderful, heart-warming stories about a breed that simply wants to be loved… a breed that’s been abused by humans for years… a breed that some would like to see exterminated completely. 
Get your facts straight before you make a decision about Pit Bulls. Spend a little time with one. Only then can you decide what you believe.

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  1. says

    I agree, before one / two / oh wait then / three joined my family I did not think much about them, but now try to take mine and you will see what happens when a mother gets ‘protective’ …

    • Amber says

      I really enjoyed reading about the myths and also about the media and the way they portray the pit bulls. My niece is 6 years old. She was in Orlando Florida visiting a family member on her mothers side. While she was there, she was attacked by her great uncles doberman pinscher. That very same day around the same time another small child was attacked by a pit bull. I live an hour north of Orlando, and it was all over the news about the little boy who was attacked by the pit, but not one word was said about my niece who ended up with 100 stitches in her face and head. I didn’t think too much about it until I read this blog. It is very sad how pit bulls have such a bad name to those who don’t own one or do not even want to know about them. I have one myself and my ex husband has two. We have a one year old grandson and he kisses them on the mouths. If they don’t want him to bother them, they will get up and run away from him. We love our dogs and would not even want any other bread.

  2. Jen says

    Great post, thank you Christina! I was surprised to learn that pit bull types are misidentified 75% of the time, and that German Shepherds’ and Rottweilers’ bites are stronger than pit bulls’. Amazing! Pit Sisters Rescue has more info compiled on an education site: http://boldforbullies.tumblr.com/ Thanks!

  3. Anonymous says

    My friend’s pit bull killed a pony. KILLED A PONY! What do you think they were bred to do in the first place?

    • Anonymous says

      My girlfriend’s mentally disabled uncle had a pony that he love more than life itself. The neighbor’s golden retriever and black lab killed it one day. Your argument isn’t valid.

      • Kat says

        Actually, the argument is valid. There are more fatal attacks by pits than any other breed. Rottweilers come in a distant second. These are indisputable facts.

        That being said, I do believe that pits are targeted unfairly, and know that people take on dogs with this kind of strength stupidly. One cannot take a pit (or any other big dog for that matter) and not know how to train it, or expect that these will be good apartment dogs….and as with any animal, leaving them alone with children is a big no no. and last but not least, when one takes on an animal that is capable of killing you, then know that it just may happen:


    • Heather says

      ANY DOG CAN KILL!!!!!! What is wrong with you people? The poodle I had as a kid killed every cat that he could. Does that make them a dangerous breed? Here is an ideal do you research and spend some time with one before you talk out your butt next time please

    • says

      I just stumbled on this article and completely love it, I 100% believe every single thing you wrote. I myself was uncomfortable around pittbulls, but was also fascinated with them and had no hate or negativity against them. And one day I decided to get one, a baby for myself to raise, and wow it’s changed my life and my views on dogs in general, I was never one to even like pets let alone have one myself, but I wouldn’t change anything now, I love my baby, she is a red nose one year old girl and she’s my everything! This breed is seriously amazing and so smart, I always call her my little human, she even sleeps under the blankets with me, and now that I have her and know how Pitbull are and what their like and I will never get a different breed, EVER!! I enjoyed reading this so much, i know their are tons more people whole think this exact way, I just wish more people would open their eyes and see how loyal they are! But people will believe what ever the media tells them to believe! Until they experience and see for themselves some will always think pitbulls are vicious and mean which it’s really the complete opposite! Thanks again I love reading articles or posts like this!

      • says

        I agree 100% with you. My wife and I adopted a pit bull and we have a 2yr baby. I train my dog “buddy” and I see how smart he is and quickly he learns his commands. I have my daughter with me when we train buddy he understands she is the boss of him. The love and loyalty this breed gives you is amazing. I can see why “bad” people like this breed cause they are willing to kill to please you if you train them that way.

      • jpgoblue@gmail.com says

        My almost 2 year old blue nose male sleeps under the covers with me also,thinks he’s a lap dog. Got him to replace our 3 year old that someone murdered.but he’s so defensive, great watchdog,almost to good

    • says

      It’s all depends on how the dog was raised, any dog can be mean and dangerous! Either the dog wasn’t raised right or there was some sort of altercation between the two animals, when a Pitbull attacks like that it’s more that likely because of 3 reasons 1.its being protective of a loved one 2.its being fearful and goes with instinct to protect it’s self or 3. It was raised to be a harmful animal, either way it’s still not the dogs fault, who’s smarter us humans or dogs? I would like to think we are and if your friend wasn’t smart enough to teach the dog right from wrong than that is their problem! Btw it could have been any animal that killed the horse, but being a pitbull of course it’s 100 times worse! Before you go judging the breed itself because of an incident with one dog, u should do some research or better yet try spending some time with one, because u can guarantee your whole opinion on pitbulls will change! They are the most loyal breed I believe to be out of all breeds, research all the story’s of pitbulls being so loyal they give up their own life to protect their loved one!

      • Christina Berry says

        Actually Samantha, we DON’T believe “it’s how the dog was raised”. Please read our article (link below) that explains why “it’s how the dog was raised” is so hurtful to shelter dogs.

        Any dog can be a good dog, even if it was raised in the worst environment. The Vick dogs are a great example of this. Many of them now live in loving family homes, but if people had believed that “it’s how the dog was raised”, none of those dogs would have been adopted. They would’ve been destroyed because they weren’t “raised right” and people were afraid of them. Please read my article!


        • Lisa says

          I concur. I rescued a female Cane Corso who knew my every wish without me saying it. She was abused before we got her, I worked with her and she became the best girl ever. And the breed was in the news because two ate a woman in ca. A while ago. She was my best friend who passed in August.
          Now my friend gave me a blue nose pit. She is 4 months old and is a love, smart. She learned to down after only 4 times in her first session.j
          Took her out to pet store, there were other dogs there older who were bonkers. The owner of the store said to bring my pup back anytime as she is so calm and well behaved.
          Even our vet said her personality is so laid back. Laid back is right, right now I have a 30 lb lap warmer.
          I was a prof. pet sitter 16 yrs got bit once, by a rottie mix. First and only dog bite.
          Had a client who had to put their golden down cause it attacked yes attacked people three times.
          Any animal can go wrong. Humans go off too. You just hear the bad news too often.
          If it is crazy to have these dogs then commit me I am certifiable, having had two.

  4. says

    I am sorry that your friend’s dog killed a pony. That’s a very unfortunate situation. But Pit Bulls were not originally bred to fight or kill. It has been my experience that dogs that do this have not been properly trained. You can’t blame the dog for that – it’s the owner’s responsibility to train and care for the dog.

  5. Anonymous says

    Pits r one of the best dogs i have grow up with nothing but put bulls they r seack for fighting not loveing but that is bull shit pits are the bigest sweethearts i have seen a rotie tearing up a lil boy in my old trailer park were we werent alowed to have pits but we had one anyways well when he heard the lil boy scrwamkng and crying he busted the the trailer. Wall to help him and he killed the routie and if it werent for him then that lil boy whould have been kied and we have been alowed to have pit bulls ever since

  6. Anonymous says

    I thought that bull terriers were originally breed for use with bulls not fighting. They only got that name after they started being use in fighting.

  7. says

    I note own two pitbulls, and I absolutely love this breed.my girls are so smart, gentle, affectionate and loyal. However, they DO require proper training and socialization like any other dog. My 8 year old pitbull was in the front yard with me when our neighbors chihuahua ran into our yard and attacked her.my girl yelped and growled at her but NEVER bit her. With proper care, training and love pitbulls are wonderful dogs.

    • anonymous says

      It’s easy to get rational when you are talking about your own dog. You wouldn’t get the same answers from someone missing one arm or a kid missing a part of his/her skiull or the mother who lost her son(to unfixed dogs must say). And as far as the stupid question of what they were bred for goes, stop fighting like people without access to wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Pit_Bull_Terrier. My only concern with the dog is that it CAN kill a grwon man. It’s gameness is unmatched. Sure a chihuahua will give a kid 14 stiches but that will be the end to that. There has been very very few account for an end to a pibull(i mean all the breeds btw) bite. So I don’t dislike the dog. You people have a point but I would never be around your dog, under any condition.

      • Doot says

        Using Wikipedia as a reference isn’t fact. Anyone can alter that site. Fact, I own a blud nose pitt. His name is Jaxx. He is lovable, heart filled animal. Fact 2, my daughter owns a red nose pitt her name is Arizona. She is a lovable, heart filled animal. Fact 3, my nephew owns an American pitt…biggest of the three and the biggest baby. His name is Magic. I have never seen any of these three breeds eat the neighbor children, chew on fingers or toes, or broil a babies skull…..just saying. I don’t need Wiki to tell me what I can see with my own two eyes. A good friend of mine’s son was attacted by the neighbor’s dog…it was a mutt.

  8. says

    I note own two pitbulls, and I absolutely love this breed.my girls are so smart, gentle, affectionate and loyal. However, they DO require proper training and socialization like any other dog. My 8 year old pitbull was in the front yard with me when our neighbors chihuahua ran into our yard and attacked her.my girl yelped and growled at her but NEVER bit her. With proper care, training and love pitbulls are wonderful dogs.

    • Doot says

      The love to be loved on. They are so happy to get kisses and hugs. I raised my dog around two cats. Not one time did he even attempt to attack. Jaxx has layed right beside a new born baby and watched everyone and everything around her. I just feel like people judge these dogs because they are looking at them like they are mean. Look at their faces a little closer. They pout if they are not getting attention. If you would stop and talk to them they stop barking and start moving their tails. Such babies.

  9. Lyndsey says

    I have had my 3 year old male pit since he was a puppy and he is the best dog I have ever had. My only complaint is his whining… and his cover stealing. He lays on the back of the couch and that drives me crazy. BUT he is wonderful with children (he loves babies) and other animals. He’s affectionate and smart (too smart if you ask me, he opens doors and closes them again). He is protective.. and stubborn. Honestly he’s more like a person than a dog. I love my pit more than anything… plus he likes to dance to jazz music :-)

    • Anonymous says

      My pit Buddy is that sweetest animal i have ever been around the only complaint is he whines also its like hes trying to say hey pet me hug me take me for a ride in the truck his favorite thing .the only dog that ever bit me was a weener dog

  10. says

    I also agree, i was missed informed about Pit Bulls. I have a year old blue pit he is the most lovable dog i have ever owned. He is a 75 pound lap dog. So please before you judge take the time to learn about them it will surprise you on how lovable the pit can be if treated with respect and kindness.

  11. Morgan says

    So true. My friend’s brother has a Pit and he is just the sweetest thing in the entire world! We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, not all Pits are the same (just like humans) we are all different in our own way. Just because some people decide to train their dogs to fight doesn’t mean all Pits are bad. It’s all about how you raise/train them. They are just like ever other dog in the world: loyal. They do what their master tells them to do, if that’s fight then they will fight. If its protect, they will protect (so one and so forth). They love their masters and they will do anything for them.

  12. Anonymous says

    These dogs are wonderfull I have 4 and they all get along great! I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world! And it upsets me knowing how ppl treat them and how some states kicked them out. I cry have every time i see videos on youtube o pic on google.but im so thankfull for my two heros Tia Maria Torres and Shorty and his crew they’ve same so many and shown them a second chance at life, love, attention, affection the whole 9 yrds of TLC!

  13. Anonymous says

    I use to own 4 pit bulls when i lived out in the country but ended up gettin rid of three of them an kept one her name was sadie she was so smart she never bit nobody was lovong towards everybody the only time i had a problem with her is when me an my ex got into a fight an she attacked him just to get him off me i have to say i would not trade her for nothin she was my baby/my child :)

  14. dogman says

    i have three pitbulls and a all black german shepard and from time to time they fight the shepard wins every time.

  15. LuckyDog99 says

    I have a 9 year old pitbull that I got from my local shelter. When we got him he have scares and deep cut all over his body. They sayed he came off the streets near apart of town were there was a lot of dog fighting. He was scared of every thing but he has no aggression toward one and is a great dog. I have now had him for 4 years now.

  16. says

    My family and I own two pittbulls a boxer and a st Bernard. I work in law enforcement and would never thought I would own one. I have only Delt with ones that were trained to protect dope houses. After owning out two for about a year my oldest one was hit by a truck and I spent three thousand dollars so she would stay alive. They are the most loving dogs there are and the most loyal. Great with our two kids I trust them with our lives. They sleep with my 5 year old daughter every night. For the rest of my life I will always own a pitt.

  17. says

    My family and I own two pittbulls a boxer and a st Bernard. I work in law enforcement and would never thought I would own one. I have only Delt with ones that were trained to protect dope houses. After owning out two for about a year my oldest one was hit by a truck and I spent three thousand dollars so she would stay alive. They are the most loving dogs there are and the most loyal. Great with our two kids I trust them with our lives. They sleep with my 5 year old daughter every night. For the rest of my life I will always own a pitt.

  18. says

    My family and I own two pittbulls a boxer and a st Bernard. I work in law enforcement and would never thought I would own one. I have only Delt with ones that were trained to protect dope houses. After owning out two for about a year my oldest one was hit by a truck and I spent three thousand dollars so she would stay alive. They are the most loving dogs there are and the most loyal. Great with our two kids I trust them with our lives. They sleep with my 5 year old daughter every night. For the rest of my life I will always own a pitt.

  19. Anonymous says

    all true stories i own four of dem i only have a problem wit da daddy he dnt gt alng wit dogs bt loves ppls i wouldn’t trade dem for nothin n da world dnt gt me wrong dey will gt hard headed every nw and den

  20. says

    I have always thought that it was the “Terrier” part of the name that was most descriptive. Terriers aren’t for everybody, as they have a tendency towards independence and vigorous activity.

  21. Anonymous says

    I have a 2 year old pit. Best dog ever. I truely believe it’s the owner and not the dog. It’s like having children there are good kids and troubled kids. Per reflection on how they are raised. :)

  22. Anonymous says

    I have a Pit Bull and he is a good loveable dog and he good with me and my family, and he also knew when my wife was pregnant with my daughter. And also knew that my mom wasn’t going to be here that much longer, when she passed away he wouldn’t leave her spot where she was sitting everyday.

  23. Anonymous says

    My ex’s roomate has 2 pitts, a mama and her son. The first time I saw him, I was slightly nervous because he was HUGE and one big solid muscle. That fear lasted maybe 10 minutes at the most because a thunderstorm came through and the next thing I knew, he was ontop of me crying and shaking everytime thunder hit. Needless to say, I fell in love with him after that and when I get my own place, I’m sooooo going to get 1…or 2 lol.

  24. Anonymous says

    I Own 2 Pitts Right Now, A 4 Year Old And A Puppy.
    But Before The Puppy I Had Anotherone That Was 4 Too, In My Experience I Had Never Had Any Problems With My Pitts, They Are Loveing And Really Playfull With My 7 Year Old Daughter, She Has Grown Up With Them And I Totally Love The Way They Protect Her Against Strangers.
    My Friends And Their Kids Can Come Over With No Problem, And I Love How They Leave With A Different Mentality When They Meet My Pitts. To The Point That Just A Week Ago, My Friend Got One And His Family
    Love Her So Much.. Ohh And By The Way My Weenie Dog And My Pitts Love Eachother It’s Funny How My Pitts Protect Him From Other Big Dogs That Want To Harm Him. My Pitts Love Little Dogs An They Repect Them. Bottom Line Is IT’S HOW YOU RAISE THEM NOT THE BREED…PUNISH THE BAD OWNERSHIP…NOT THE BREED..SO FOR U ALL LOOKING INTO ADOPTING A PITT, GET TO KNOW ONE , AND DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  25. Anonymous says

    I have one pit and i rescued her from a horrible breeder. She protects my 3 and 5 year olds and she’s only 6 months. She thinks she’s a cat and even pounces like one! She plays well with our cat and snuggles with him every evening. I haven’t seen the slightest indication of aggression towards anything. The only thing she kills is bubbles! Wouldn’t trade her for the world!

    • Victoria Covian says

      My hazel thinks she’s a cat too! :) is tht a Pitt thing? She’ll run down the hallways chasing imaginary fluff and when I play with her with her chew toys she swats at it like a cat would :)

    • Zynthia R says

      Add another catty pit to the list. My husband and I marvel at our boy. He’s 8 months and we’ve only had him 3 weeks but he is such a joy. He swats at his toys and pounces on them and he purrs when we scratch him. Cutest thing.

  26. Anonymous says

    I have two pit bull mixes and they let my toddler sit, stand and climb all over them and never growl or show any kind of aggressive behavior. They are awesome.

    • Jory Feinberg says

      My little pit-bull boy lets me tug at his tail gently and just looks at me like what are you doing. I plan on baby sitting children so I am training him to get use to his tail and paws being touched. He also kissed this little girl when I took him to petco so we can get him some new toys. It was soooo cute.

  27. KRISANE JONES says

    so true i saved a pit bull not even 3 days ago he is a red nose and i swear the best pet ive ever had in my life so sweet playful and my friends 4 year old walks him and he is only a pup still and no lie i was walking him and some man came up and he was fine but then the man was being way to friendly with me and rebel picked up on it and barked it was the first time i ever hurd him do that and it was just for show but that quick and now i feel safe any where i go I LOVE MY PIT BULL

  28. Anonymous says

    I just adopted a dog and was told that it was part lab part kelpie from the dog rescue place. But everyone else (including the pound say lab/pit). Anyway…I am one of those that know nothing about pits. To be honest I’m scared. Not in anything he has shown me. He is a good dog. But I hear news stories about a family pit that was treated well just snapping all the sudden. What r guys take on the snapping issue. That is where my fear comes in. I’m afraid one day he could snap, without warning. Are pits more likely to snap? Or is that just rumor? I’m not attacking a bread at all, I’m trying learn about it.

    • katrine says

      My 10 lb. Chihuahua had a 105 lb. Cane Corso on his back in the submissive position at the park. His name was Gehngus. He was the biggest baby. Such a love!

    • says

      CESAR MILLAN, a.k.a. “the Dog Whisperer” has a wonderful website about pit bulls. As far as snapping for no reason…. Pit bulls fall in the below average category. I just read an article in which a study was done on this exact issue. U won’t believe what dog is the number one most likely to bite his owner……(drum roll please)………… Dachshunds! ! Yes, a wiener dog is more likely to snap than your lab-pitt (your “Pittador”?) Is. So please, continue to learn from factual sources, check out the dog whisperers page, and spread the word against ignorance. You have a very loving & loyal mix. I envy you.

    • Anonymous says

      I have a lab/pit mix. My vet told me that I just acquired the best kind of dog! Told me to expect extreme loyalty and companionship! Have had her a year and my 2 year old does anything to her with no reaction. They make the best pet! We keep.her very socialized with all kinds of people and have never had a problem! She has issues with men entering our home and has never snapped at anyone. I have only ever heard great things about pits as family dogs! Every professional my pit comes in contact with has told me what a great dog pits make and I have to agree!

  29. Crystal says

    I don’t believe people think pit bulls are mean it the owner that make them mean. I have five pit bulls. And none of them are mean. I even have two kids. The dog are wonderfull around my kids

    • says

      Crystal, sadly you’re mistaken. A large majority of people believe Pit Bulls are mean, and that’s simply because they believe the hype. Having owned and worked with many Pit Bull-type dogs, I can tell you that it’s a gross generalization to say “all pit bulls are mean”, just like it’s a gross generalization to say “all golden retrievers are amazing family pets”. Dogs are individuals, and no matter the breed, some are mean, some are sweet, some are smart, you get my point.

  30. jesse helms says

    i have a 12 month old pit bull and hes the nanny of the house, as soon as my 4 month old niece wakes up he is right by her lickin on her and shes just sits there hugging his back.. my mom used to be terrified of pitbulls, but i brought my solomon home and now she loves him to death. fuck stereotypes

  31. Lacey says

    The point about no neutered single pit ever recorded as killing anyone is key. Humane Society estimated 86%, CDC 90% of fatal dog attacks were by unaltered males, of all breeds. Keeping unaltered male dogs might be a ‘personal rights’ issue to some people, as keeping what breed we choose is to others (it is to me). But keeping ‘bull’ dogs of powerful breeds is a statistically relevant risk factor for a human aggression incident, while keeping a spayed neutered ‘pit bull’, especially if it’s passed a formal temperament test, is not.

    As far as low pain threshold, it’s true of our ‘pit type’ (she’s not a pure breed anything, most ‘pit bulls’ aren’t) when it comes to sensitivity to accidentally stepping on her paw or being poked and prodded at the vet, definitely less sensitive than our beagle was. OTOH she’s a tough looking sissy when it comes to going out in bad weather.

  32. says

    Thank You for trying to stop the ignorance surrounding these amazing animals. I personally own a rescue Pit and I can not begin to tell you the joy that she has brought into our home. She came to us when we already had a “Rescue Cat”, and we worried if they’d get along. Let me tell you, I’ve never sen 2 animals that love eachother so much. They even cuddle up & sleep together, not to mention the way they often eat/drink together putting their heads in the same bowl at the same time.
    Pits make amazing pets and will surely give you an overdose of unconditional love. Kids????? My neighbors got 7 and they adore Sparky as she does them. They try to ride her like a horse, feed her dog food 1 kibble at a time, and share their ice cream with her. The only time you’ll see the slightest sign of aggression is if a stranger tries to approach them.
    One day they were all playing on the back porch which is on the alley side of the bldg. (We live in a very tough neighborhood on Chicago’s West Side) The drunk attempted to climb the stairs yelling at the kids. Sparky immediately “herded” the children behind her, went to the top of the stairs, and with her hair standing up on her neck she let out a very scary low growl. When the man took another step, she snarled, bared her teeth & started barking. The man couldnt run down the stairs fast enough. We don’t know what his intentions wer, but we believe Sparky knew. Once out of sight, she went to the kids1 by 1 hitting them with her nose and licking them…. including their mom & me. Thank God Sparky was there to protect us. “The Nanny Dog” truly is a perfect label for them. ;-)

    • Tiffany says

      What the heck are you talking about? Please be a bit more specific in your insults. Try to make a little sense(especially calling someone ELSE a moron).

  33. Anonymous says

    I just adopted a pitbull that was going to be put down the next morning…I’m so glad I saved her because she is honestly the most lovable obediant dog I ever had. Ilove her soomuch and its true about the hugs ..she loves hugging and kissing. I LOVE MY PITBULL!

  34. melody says

    I own 2 wonderful girls. and now I am a advocate for the breed. I aim to educate and raise awarness for the breed until I stop breathing. Stop breedism against pit bulls. Change a mind and save pit bull lives!!!!

  35. says

    very true, i have had my pit for 6 months, he has never met a stranger (except for a horse), is great around small children, is extremely obedient, and a total cover hog. probably the second most intelligent, but by far the friendliest, dog that has ever adopted me.

  36. says

    do you own a pit? im sorry for whatever experience that you have had. unfortunately, im sure that like most accidents, it was to blame on human error. dogs are a product of the people who raise them and their environment. they do not have higher brain function, much like many people who, although ill informed, argue on message boards. people make dogs mean, not breeds. the most vicious dogs that i encounter time and time again are chihuahuas. also baloney is a made up word. its bologna. have a nice day!

  37. says

    Well I can say from experience, that I have never owned a pit bull before. I have always been a dog lover, but I was never really crazy about pit bulls. Probably just like the majority, I heard all the terrible rumors about the breed. It had been about 10 years since I have had a dog and decided to search the web. I came across a website, that offered pit bulls. I researched their website and read the information it had to offer. I scrolled through the puppy page and came across a puppy that has a thresh hold on my heart to this day. The dirty nasty rumors are so wrong. This breed is by far the most loving, caring, and bonding to the human race than any breed out there. The term “mans best friend” is an understatement. If you have or never have owned a pit bull you certainly should. Pit bulls are number one in my book.

  38. says

    Hey guys, I’ve never kept a pit bull, I have the equivalent…American staffy. I love her to bits & the breed. The bull terrier lineage has been miss understood in recent times due to human intervention. My girl is more loyal to me than any one or thing I have ever come across. I feel the same for Pit bulls. All it takes to have a good dog is love & care. That’s it, plain & simple.
    Unfortunately my friends Jack Russell got attacked by a pair of pit bulls. But if u see who the owners were…sorry but you’d understand why the dogs were the way they were. The dogs were destroyed…but this can end if ppl understand how to manage the breed! Smart up, if ur not prepared to put in the work, don’t get a dog let alone a pit bull. Otherwise enjoy them & love them”

  39. says

    I did’n know much about pitbulls till 3 years ago when I adopted a pitbull mix from a shelter, and she is just so sweet and inteligent, and not agressive at all, not even when a dog tried to attack her. On the other hand, she is just so good with my little nephew and niece when they go to play with her. Is like she goes and adapts the games I usually play with her to the kids level and plays in a much gentler way that with me (since she never gives me the toys, but gives them to my niece and my nephew without me teaching that to her). The only bad part is she will go and steal food from the kitchen at the smallest oportinuty, but, well, no body is perfect, and I really love her a lot.

    • Shane says

      I have had my friend Odie (an affectionate pitbull) since he was 4wks. He is now 13yrs. I have been able to walk him off the leash without problems all his life and his best friend is a shi tsu terrier. He used to travel everywhere with me till my wife became pregnant with our twins. The breeder warned me that with all the time I spent with him he may become jealous and attack my kids when we bought them home from hospital (bullshit I whole heartedly trust my boy is all I could think.). The day we bought Abby and Aidan home from hospital 4yrs ago he became protective sitting and standing in between strangers to him and my kids. You could not ask for a better friend. My kids have rolled all over him from the time they could crawl and all he would do is sit or lie there and just take it. When they started to walk till now he has followed them around and allowed them to pull him around on the grass with his rope with knots either end carrying on like chewbacca from starwars. I am a long distance truck driver and got home tonight to receive the hardest news to date cause my wife could not bear to tell me while I was on the road. Odie has lost the use of his back legs in the last 7 days and the vets advice is to put him down. I am going to miss him it has been a great journey.

      • says

        Shane, please accept my condolences for you and your family. I’m so glad you got to experience the love and devotion of a Pit Bull – there’s nothing like it. Sounds like Odie was an amazing boy, and I know you’ll miss him terribly. Fly free, sweet Odie boy. You’ll see your family again one day.

        • Willard says

          I too offer my condolences. I feel I’ve found a new breed of people!!! You’re correct with your statement “trust breeds trust” We don’t use a leash when we’re in our neighborhood ( all the neighbors know our dogs ) and as far as babies they love or kids/grandkids/cousins whatever. When you raise/treat an animal correctly, you can count them for life!!!

  40. Rebekah Miller says

    I here all of you I love pit bulls but my boyfriends parents are against the breed and will not allow us to get a pit bull my bf has 2 pit bulls that he had to get rid of because he couldn’t keep them he had 3 but one died when she was three months she died of parvo her name was mary jane and the other two pits names are Gyro and Indika my bf and I plan to get a big house and a giant yard and open a pit bull rescue and we will own at least three or four of our own I will be getting a red nose and he will be getting a blue nose and that is what we plan on doing.

  41. TJ says

    Hey everyone,

    If you have some free time, check out Ashtro! He’s 1 years old and loves the camera.

      • Willard says

        This one is for Ages ( is says all, does all ). It didn’t teach me anything I didn’t know already, but how great to confirm everything I’ve ever learned about any animal/master relationship “you get what you get when you do what you do”…Marvelous job getting the most out of a sweet animal. Love, understanding and consistency is all it ever takes. I think you’ll ( if you’re not already ) be an excellent parent it takes the same dedication regardless of what all the pit haters think!!!

  42. says

    I got a bit bull just by chance my daughters friends dog had 10 puppies in her first litter and and by the 10th week the poor little bitch runt had been bullied by the other dogs on hearing of her return from a second homing due to being bullied by yet another dog. I offered to look after her till a proper home could be found when I got her she was so tiny and nervous a few weeks down the line she she had put on weight and grown a lot more confident and happy I fell in love with her and decided to keep her. She is now 6 months old clean friendly with kids other animals including my neighbours cat and my daughters rabbit she has never chewed anything that was not her own to do so she great round food never scrounges you can leave a plate of food leave the room an know it will still be there. I have never known such a loving sweet dog like her several people said she was a pit bull but not knowing the breed I just thought she was just a mongrel but in meeting her real mum I have learned she is a pit…So any myth about the breed is purely that a myth I would never part with her for the world and can find no fault in her at all

  43. Brittney says

    I have a Pitbull and she is the sweetest thing. I hate when people judge her for what she is, it is not what she is it is how you treat and raise your pit. Any dog could turn into and aggressive animal with abusive owners. I couldn’t imagine my life now without her she has a huge place in my heart! And I wish people would take the time to learn and see the truth about her breed and not judge her for the lies!

  44. says

    This past March I lost my best friend in the world. A 13 year old Brindle Pitbull named “Xena”. When I brought her home she got along great with her new sister “Chelsea”, a 12 year old Toy Poodle. A few years later we lost Chelsea at 16. Xena was so depressed that I decided to adopt an abused Beagle named Sunshine. Well, Sunshine totally brought life back into Xena! We all lived happily together for years until I noticed a lump in Xena’s left rear thigh. When we went to the doctor he explained that it was cancer and that considering her age she would not survive surgery. I cried my eyes out in the doctors office but Xena was very calm and looked at me as if to say, “It’s okay Mom, we will be together again real soon.” She left me that day while I held her tight. I could never get over her death. But I kept seeing her beautiful face telling me that it was okay. A couple months later I saw a sign for a litter of Blue Nose Pits. Well I went to have a look and fell head over heals for a little female that couldn’t stop hugging me. I brought her home a week later. She is just beautiful. We named her Coco Chanel. My boyfriend’s daughter bought one too. I told her she didn’t know what she was getting into, getting a puppy. Well, just like I thought when her pup started growing she couldn’t handle it. So we adopted Coco’s sister and named her Fergie. I tell you what, when God closes a door he opens a HUGE bay window!!! We are all so happy and the pups are growing and learning more every day. It’s like Xena is looking down and laughing with us!

    • michael pit owner says

      wonderful story im blessed, and encourged since im a new owner. thank you for sharing

  45. Kevin Anson says

    No One Could’ve Said It Better. I Was Like You Scared Of Pitbulls Til I Got Princess. Now I M Being Evicted From My Apartment. I WoUld Fight It But I Should Move Anyway.

  46. shane says

    i have a rednose shes so loveable but people dont see that they just cross over the road or grab there kids. my dog likes to climb is this normal?

    • Jason R says

      Yea I have caught mine on top of my kitchen counter several times . No big deal unless our food is up there. He to is very smart and very loving but VERY stuborn as well. I have owned Rottys and a Great Dane but Bo is my first pitt. And he is a handful at 9 months. But I see the progress daily and I woulnt trade him for any other..

  47. caitlin says

    Whenever I walk my Pit/Boxer, people get scared and hold their kids. One kid wanted to pet it and the mom shrieked “No!’ and held her back. The kid pet it anyway and the mom expected it to attack her, but nothing happened besides a tail wag.

  48. Victoria Covian says

    I have a Pitt/boxer/red heeler mix. I adopted her from the local animal shelter and named her Hazel. She’s only five months old but she sure is huge!!! She’s a big cuddle big and licking monster :) also she’s so smart… But she is hard to train… No matter what I do I can’t seem to train her not to jump on people, not to beg for food, a not to chew on everything but her chew toys… Nor can I seem to get her potty trained. She’s really stubborn. Plus she has this habit of nipping at me an my grandma, she’s never actually bitten and I let her get my hand in her mouth once just to see what she’d do, and she only gnawed very lightly. But I don’t want ER biting people at all. Even though the area that I live in is highly accepting I Pitt bulls as far as I’ve seen, I don’t want her taken away from me like some of the horror stories I’ve heard. Even the vet says Hazel doesn’t have a vicious bone in her body… But she does this thing that kinda bothers me cuz I’m not sure if I should be worried. After all Hazel is my first Pitt mix and I love her dearly but I don’t really know what exactly to expect and I’m six months pregnant. I’ve noticed that she loves kids as he plays with them any chance she gets… What I’m worried about is that she has this new habit of barking at me and my grandma. Sometimes randomly sometimes after I’ve told her no or something. Is this something to be worried about? Or is he just talking to me? A few times she’s even lunged forward…. But she’s never bitten… Should I be worried? And can anyone give me some tips on how to train her?

    • Willard says

      After 57 years ( of raising dogs/cats ), I’m a firm believer in consistency!!! Do everything the same daily for 30-60 days ( this is your training regime). We have to pits Louiesy/Jo-Jo. they’re let in in the morning for breakfast and in the afternoon when we come home from work ( we’ve chosen to keep this up daily TRUST ME IT WORKS ) they’re only allowed in the kitchen area ever unless company comes and we want to show them off ( treats are only offered during this time but only before or after their meal who when/if they obey any series of commands that have to be consistently used by all family members ). People say this is a dominant play by me, Hell I buy the food, pay the bills ( would you expect anything less from your kids – I don’t!!! ). I’ve learned ( through the Internet ) that simple things like folding your arms and giving sharp/stern commands like “don’t jump on me”, “stop”, “down”, “quiet”, then reward them with treats goes a long way ( this builds trust – how do you think hunters make dogs retrieve Ducks/Birds as tasty as they are??? ). Remember patience, patience, patience ( and be consistent!!! )

  49. Victoria Covian says

    Also I have always treated my dogs as a part of my family… They’re my children… Not just pets… But I’ve heard people say that with Pitt bulls I have to “show her who’s boss”, can’t have her sit on the couch with me or sleep with me. Is it true do I really have to treat her any differently than I would my old lab mix? Also I have to move soon and she won’t be allowed indoors. Granted ill spend a lot of time outside with her since I don’t work… But I’m worried about nighttime. See she has like I guess separation anxiety issues, and if she is separated from me for too long shell start howling and screaming what sounds like “mama!!!!mama!!!!mama!!!!” And there is a no barking rule in the neighborhood tht I am movin to. Can anyone give me tips on how to train her to be ok on her own while she sleeps? Not only does she hate being separated from me but she can’t stand being alone and I’ve heard that Pitts are very social dogs but I can’t afford another dog. Please if anyone can help I’d be forever in your debt.

    • CT says

      Showing her who is boss doesn’t mean that you treat her differently. It simply means that you must be stern with her and assert that YOU are in charge not her. Pet owners have a tendency to “give in” to their animals sometimes. Not just Pitt’s but any dog that is strong willed needs to know who the Pack Leader is, and you must let her know it is you. Are you crate training her?

      • Victoria Covian says

        No I don’t have a crate nor do I even know what crate training is :'( this is my first puppy…

    • Crystal says

      Love all the positive stories here. We took in a pit for a month that was going to have to go to a shelter, 8 months later we still have him. He is such a love, the sweetest being I’ve ever met. When he came into the home he nipped some. Never very hard, but it concerned us some at first. They definitely want to please their owners. We just positively reinforced with words over and over kindly but sternly “no bite” Slowly, he stopped nipping. When he licks- we say “kisses” So on occasion if he nips at our other dog in his playful puppy manner we just positively reinforce “kisses” He gets very wound up and hyper but rubbing his belly calms him down within a minute. Most mornings he wakes us up with tons of kisses. His tail never stops wagging and he’s always smiling. Pit pups are high energy and I truly believe they are the most kind-spirited/nature dogs. I’m only sharing what worked for us. Lots of positive reinforcement and love.
      Also, he sleeps on the bed and has to be touching my boyfriend who is “the boss” They are extremely social, treat them like part of the fam and they will slowly become much more mellow, comfortable, excepted, loved, etc

  50. Victoria Covian says

    What is the correct way to reinforce negative behavior? I have heard some people say that you flick em on the nose some have said when they bite to bite them back and I don’t really wanna do anything without knowing… What is the proper way to discipline a dog….?

  51. Victoria Covian says

    Someone please help me!!!! Hazel is biting more frequently!!! I mean she hast like actually chomped down on me or my grandma but she nips and it hurts like hell. And I don’t understand why he’s doing it or what I’m doing wrong! I can’t afford to ask a professional these questions and I wouldn’t have adopted her knowin that I can afford only what she needs and not really any luxuries but she was on the euthanasia list and I couldn’t let her die. It makes me so sad even now to think of her being dead… :'( I really would appreciate someone’s help I don’t know what to do to get her to stop and I’m afraid if she keeps at it she’ll actually turn into a biter… Please someone help me…

    • Cindy says

      Victoria, it is normal for a puppy to “nip” but not for any dog that’s older than a puppy. Professional help is always recommended before it escalates even further but since that isn’t an option, surf the internet, call the vet etc for information on how to safely correct the problem. The dog isn’t nipping/biting because it’s a pit, it’s doing it because there is a problem that needs to be solved quickly. Sorry, no specifics on how to solve it but there is trouble shooting out there. Or go to a bookstore and browse the problem solving parts of the newest books:)

    • Shayna says

      Do you know anything about her blood line? I have a pit that was brought over from Germany, and nips. I did some research and it is in her German bloodline to nip, her mom and dad do it as well. And its not ment to be vicious, my little girl is the sweetest thing. She has calmed down in the nipping and only do it when you rub her a certain way now.

      • Victoria Covian says

        No, all I know is that she is pit/boxer/red heeler mix. I adopted her from the local shelter. I’vesde some progress with her nipping and potty training, but I’m still having a hard time getting her to listen to me, she gets into everything and have the time won’t come when I call her and I’m not sure what to do. I refuse to take her back to the shelter but my grandma says if I can’t get her trained to be better behaved I can’t stay with her, I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried lightly spatting her nose, I’ve tried spraying her nose and I’ve tried to be consistent I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I even take her outside multiple times a day and toss her favorite bouncy ball for her for thirty minute intervals…

        • Rebecca Walseman says

          dont know alot about pits but heelers are bred to move animals and they do that by nipping… a breed trait. Trying to herd you or others in a certain direction. Look into the other breeds in mix and maybe check out herding dogs and how to control behavior, because it may be natural trait that can be controlled not eliminated. (ie. redirect the nipping to non humans)

  52. Shawn says

    I have a pit that’s raised with 5 children ages 3-8 she’s there best friend waits for the older ones to get out of school all day by the door she’s the best pet ever she don’t know she’s a dog lol I wouldn’t trade her for the world my 3 year old pinches and bites her and my pit just lays there always has she sits and howls by the children if one gets hurt its so cute

  53. CT says

    I, like many of you, admittedly bought into the myths and stigma against pit bulls. I could never understand why someone would ever actually want to own one, although I certainly didn’t judge those who did. And, then I was asked to “foster” a seven-week old pitbull puppy for the Humane Society for ‘at most 7-10 days.” That was 4 months ago. He stole our hearts from day 1 and today, Diesel is by far the sweetest, smartest, most well behaved puppy I’ve ever owned. He blended in perfectly with his 3 dog siblings (2 yorkies and a border collie mix) and is an incredibly beloved and spoiled member of our family. I honestly am almost in awe daily of his sweet nature. In fact, knowing what I know now about the breed, I’m not sure I can ever picture my life without a pit bull in it. BSL has always angered me, but more so now than ever.

    • Cindy says

      My kids wanted a pit bull and I wouldn’t let them (“why take the chance” etc opinions based on inaccurate information); they grew up and got two pits bulls. They are the most wonderful dogs ever:) They are so loveable! I’ve been bitten by my neighbors dog (through my jeans!), a cocker spaniel and my husband was bitten by his sister’s dog (can’t remember the breed–a smaller dog). Of course nothing was done to those dogs but had the “pits” done the same thing, society would force them down and it would be a negative news story! Thanks for spreading the good things about the breed:) PS The pits are great with kids and a cat. When they go on walks, they do try to go by the other dogs (to play, not eat them) but I guess no one is perfect!:)

  54. scott gaw says

    Love the stories. Here’s mine, I had a german shepherd growing up as a child. The best smartest dog ever. My heart was broke when she died at 14. I vowed to never have another dog. And why try. I would never have another as great as her. Fast forward 36 years, My wife and kids called me to come look at a puppy at the shelter. I said no way but I went. We adopted her,2 months old, according to the paper work she is American Bulldog. Solid white with a brown circle around the left eye. As she grew low and behold (1 and half yr old now) it is one of those dangerous pit pulls. She licks me to death. Sleeps with me. I’m a rough dude but I got to tell ya I am in love. I now have the best dog ever. She is scared of everything. Fireworks, things that are moved, brooms, central vac and on and on. The difference between this dog and the german shepherd is that the shepherd knew she was big and mean and would protect me no matter, The pit bull knows she is a scaredy cat but would die trying to protect anyone in the family. I was scared of pit bulls and believed all the media reports. Now however having one as a companion, My only regret is I don’t have a place where I could have a couple more. I hate when people walk on the other side of the street when they see her, or will not talk to her or pet her. Its like having a special child. The HELL with them!
    I recently had a conversation with a woman that has 2 pit bulls, she informed me that hers were not much for watch dogs, as 2 guys broke into the home and stole everything in site. And as for the dogs…. well they feed them. lol I would recommend a pit bull to anyone that can give them the love they need. BEST DOG EVER. <3

  55. Bri says

    I have not had the pleasure yet of owning a Pit. I cannot wait until I do they are wonderful creatures. I have on the other had been around them my entire life, I have never known one that has been aggressive what so ever. It is all about the owner yes some dogs can be aggressive or have other problems due to inner breeding but that doesn’t just apply to bulls. Dalmatians are so much more unpredictable that Pits as are GSDs. What about little dogs they are vicious!!!! My mom wants a little poodle and I am like how about this Pit mix she will be so much better and my mom goes on about all the stuff media says and I am like that is no where near the truth!!! Pits are some of the sweetest babies ever.

    • Kartik says

      A lot of times, bad breeders and trainers get certain dogs. They should be blamed, not the dogs.

  56. dingus says

    I run dogs and pits are always the sweetest dogs I have come across. While having heard stories, I have never actually met a mean tempered pit. Thank you for some official facts.

  57. Shannon says

    Thanks so much for sharing this with the public. We have 2 pit bull mixes and they are wonderful! Loving and kind. They are protective and great watch dogs. I will honestly say I have never felt safer without them.

  58. Victoria Covian says

    Could you please give me the sources from which you got your facts? I want to show my mom and be able to show others as well!

  59. says

    hello I have a question a friend of mine has a dog and if my friend tell him to lie down or go away or goes to wards him he sometime cowers down or he thinks my friends going to hit him ,why is this

    • CT says

      First of all, was he a rescue or shelter dog? It’s possible that he has been abused in the past. Also, some animals are just more sensitive than others. I lightly scolded my 6 month old Pit for tackling the cat (again) this morning and he sat in the corner with his head down for a good 15 min, not because I told him too, but he was upset that he got in trouble. Pits in particular want to please you and if they feel they are in trouble it can upset them. As long as he is not hurting the dog I’m sure she/he is fine, but if he is being excessively stern or making arm gestures, he could be scaring her if she has had a rough past.

  60. BRAD BOWERS says

    Ok, if they are not true. How come all the studies, that show fatalities from dog attacks, 50% of 100 deaths were from pitbulls. 94% of all attacks by pitbulls on children were unprovoked. Compared to 45% of other breeds. They have numerous studies showing pitbulls are responsibly for more killings, than all other dog breeds combined. The reason nobody heard about that cocker spaniel, is nobody died. If a cocker spaniel kills someone, trust me.. We will hear about it.

    • says

      Where are you getting YOUR stats, Brad?

      Here’s a simple fact. Your local news will report on ANY dog bite, fatal or not, that involves a pit bull. That’s because it’s sensational, and news execs know that people respond to sensationalism. That’s what YOU’re doing right now.

      They WON’T report on the cocker spaniel bite because, let’s be honest, news execs know that dog bites happen every day, and there’s nothing particularly newsworthy about the family dog biting a neighbor kid.

      Did you read the recent story about a family’s shih tzu that bit an infant’s head, causing a skull fracture that killed the baby? It did make the news (which it should), but the story has already kind of fizzled out because no one gets in much of an uproar, at least not for long, about a docile little shih tzu.

      If it had been a pit bull, we’d still be hearing about it.

      • melissa says

        I agree with your comments Christina. People just want to cuz trouble and believe everything they see on the news or web. Just like plane crashes, we hear all about them, but more accidents and deaths occur in cars. I f I want a it,I am getting a pit, and I did, and she and my jack Russell get along fine, because I am there and I know how to handle her. I am involved with their lives and not let them run a muck like lots of other dog owners do , and when something happens, cry over it being the STATISTICS, instead of actual involvement and training. They learn how to fight from irresponsible adults.

      • Brandon says

        Bravo! Bravo! Christina for the win, and Brad with all do respect, go F**K yourself! You probably never owned a dog in your life. Comment elsewhere, here we defend TRUTH! And truth means that a labrador attacked a 5-year old and her pitbull jumped the neighbors fence, saved his companion, killed the attacker, but like all heroes, they die. They euthanized the pitbull shortly after, but this is one story where the Pitbull did the RIGHT thing. So take YOUR idea of facts elsewhere. I have a beautiful APBT (Brindle) and she LOVES people so much that if i left her, she’d quickly find another, just by her GOOD mannerisms and look. Take it from me, I DON’T F**K AROUND WITH FALSE S**T. THINK BEFORE YOU POST NEXT TIME BRAD!!!

    • Scott says

      In my life I’ve been bit by 3 dogs. One a black lab, the second a yellow lab and the third was a cocker spaniel. In 30 years I’ve had 3 pitbulls, two German Shepherd and 1 yellow lab and my kids have tugged and pulled on all of them without any issues. I’ve taken all of my dogs, including my current 1 year old female pitbull to the dog park weekly and they have all loved to run and play with the other dogs. It’s how the owner socializes and raises the animal that makes the pet, kinda like kids. Bad parenting usually leads to naughty kids. Sounds too me like Brad’s just jealous that he hasn’t experienced all the love a pitbull has to offer. Funny that I read a similar comment from somebody on the German Shepherd forum. How can pitbulls, German Shepherds, Rotties and Dobermans all be the number one killers?

    • says

      Marie, I’m not a dog trainer, but I can tell you that it’s very important that the two dogs be properly introduced in a controlled setting. You and your brother should both be present, and should monitor the dogs accordingly. This is a necessary step in introducing dogs of ANY breed. Consult your veterinarian or a dog trainer for more information.

    • CT says

      I have 2 yorkies, a border collie and just got a pit puppy a few months ago. They all get along just fine. The only thing you will have to watch out for is the pit puppy playing a little too rough with the smaller dogs. It’s not a pit bull thing, it’s just a size difference and puppies don’t know any better, they only have one speed. My border collie and my pit play rough with each other, but obviously, the little guys can get hurt accidentally if they are properly supervised.

  61. Adrienna says

    Hello I have a concern with my pitbull around. My 10 month old son. We got her a month after my son was born so she grew up well growing up with him but she has this bad habit standing over him when he’s crawling all over the floor like she owns him. I’ve been raised around pittbulls and none of our dogs have ever done this and with her I cant get her to break that habit. Its to the point that I don’t want her ariund him when he’s crawling cause of this. What can I do to make this stoo?

    • says

      Adrienna, unfortunately I can’t provide any assistance. Your best bet is to contact your vet for assistance. Tell him what you’ve told me; I’m sure he can provide guidance, possibly a referral for a trainer.

      What you’re describing is not a pit bull-specific behavior; I’ve seen it in many different breeds. It may not be anything for concern, but you and your veterinarian should discuss it to decide.

  62. Nelson says

    These are all great stories but the CDC has the raw data. Pits are the most dangerous breed. Others bite more often, but pits KILL. The data is out there for you. I’ll never let my kids around them. What you do with your family is you decision to make. Just sayin

    • says

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, Nelson.

      But how can we entirely trust the statistics when most people are still unable to correctly identify pit bull-type dogs? On far too many occasions I’ve seen dogs called “pit bulls” when in fact, they were not. I’ve seen my own dog identified as a Boxer, when in fact she’s a pit bull mix. You cannot tell me that this isn’t skewing the statistics.

      Even the CDC says, and I quote, “Because of difficulties inherent in determining a dog’s breed with certainty, enforcement of breed-specific ordinances raises constitutional and practical issues…”

      How can they trust their own statistics when they use this disclaimer??

    • says

      I love pitbulls I did an 8 minute speech it was a lot longer but my teacher made me take some things out to make it within the time limit but pitbulls are the most non-dangerous dogs out there if they are raised right I know a lot of people who mistake many dogs for pitbulls my boyfriends pit is the most hillarious dog I have ever known he loves children and all people he likes to go white water rafting by himself you can do whatever you want to this dog and he doesn’t care as long as he is loved

    • Krista says

      I feel sorry for all the bad negativity that is out there. People need something to blame. Look at the wolf and all the horror stories floating around. Pitties are descendants of the wolf as all dogs are! Get real people, come to compassion. You even blame the president for everything you can think of and nothing he does is right. Hatred needs to stop. Where is love and understanding. Yes the CDC has documentation. Are you aware the have the same stats on Rotties, Collies, Shepherds, Dobermans, etc. It is the idiots that own these breeds that have made them so horrible. Even a Chow Chow has a bad rep. Stop looking to blame and keep your nose in your own back yard to clean up! Got It now get over it!

    • anonymous says

      Nelson, I am sure you are genuinely concerned for your children when you say you don’t let your kids near pitbulls. But the hard truth is your entirely mislead. Two weeks ago while I was eating breakfast, I saw a small dog run into my family’s barn, (we live on a ranch in the middle of no where.) when I went out to find it, she approached me, she was no small dog she was a 6 month old pitbull. She is the sweetest dog! Her eye is infected, so we took her to the vet. Only 2 HOURS after we found her! On Saturday, we had a couple family’s we know of for lunch exactly 26 people showed up, 19 of them where children and 15 where under the age of 10. One toddler (he had just turned 1.) had recently been attacked by a St. Bernard and was bitten in the face, was nervous around our dogs (we have 3.) our pitbull puppy saw he was afraid and crawled, Like an army crawl, over to the boy and placed her head in his lap. She doesn’t sound much like a killer to me.

      P.S I am 12.

  63. Arthur says

    Hey Christina!
    An overall very nice pice. I write as I was looking into some Anatolian Sheppard and GP stuff today as we are considering aquiring an Anatolian female pup to help keep our goats safe and our Lesser Pyrenees (he’s 17 weeks old yesterday and about 12 months away from being a Great Pyrenees) company. And some how going click click click I ended up “here”. A nice place to be BTW…..
    My best friend has a very large (APB X Boxer) X (APB X Eng Bulldog) and several of my friend or their grown children have APB’s. They are wonderful animals. The biggest problem with APB’s and crosses, is that regardless of their size, >>>all of them are<<>>> “4. Husky – With a total of 15 fatalities linked to Huskies in the study conducted, they are definitely known to be aggressive, but this has been linked to poor training/obedience issues as Huskies rate as one of the most intelligent canines in the world” <<<<
    That may be so, but they are unbelievably efficient killers. Ask folks who live way out in the sticks and see what they have to say about Huskies. I love them, but they absolutely cannot be trusted around any kind of farm animals of any kind.
    Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs with a bad rap. It's big city and small town morons with, uhhhh, I guess it's called "compensation" issues, that are a big part of what has gone wrong with one of the best breeds ever.
    And as far as PB's killed a pony a cow a whatever…. The pound for pound absolutely best dogs tro have around anywhere there are any kinds of large and dangerouse predators, and hogs too, are the LGD dogs like Pyrenees and Maremma's and Anaolians, In the real world, a PB is a minor inconvenience to any of them, and a Rottie doesn't stand a half a minutes chance attacking anyone or anything in the presence of any of the LGD's. Hence why they are now being used in Africa to protect cattle heards from big cat, especially Cheetah, predation. Fortunately for those LGD breeds, they can barely be contained and once they are gone, they tend to wander forever, or until someone who knows and understands them, takes them home.
    Read this, quite the interesting read it is!!!

  64. says

    My pitt is a certified service dog.

    I was blown up in Iraq in an IED blast. After a year of doing things on my own, it became known that I needed help. I have an electric wheelchair, its heavy. I needed a dog that could pull me home if I ever needed it. So my first and only thought was I want a “bull” bread. NO ONE WOULD GET ME A PITT AT ALL. So I found a guy in the big city paper, I paid $80 for a cert pitt bull. (he was doing a VET a favor). Her name is Sadie jane. When I first got her she would cry/mess the floor/and bite things. After the first time I YELLED at her for each thing. Took the time to speak to her like a person not a puppy, and let her know how mad I was at her. She never did anything like that again. EVER.

    Now Sadie will only listen to me about everything, and will look to me if someone else tells her what to do waiting for me to say “its ok girl”. Ashley has been with me as long as Sadie, Ashley always brings stray animals in the house. Sadie has never attacked a strange animal in my home. Except when the neighborhood ankle biters came running at me to bite me. She knocked the dog over and stood there taking the bites and never bit back.

    I live in a gov housing area, (I only get to keep her cause she is a service dog). Sadie has grown up around the kids that live here as well. We don’t get outside very much but when we do all the kids ask where she is, and if she can come play. They all have some animal of some kind. I say sure, turn to the house and yell.. “Sadie open the door, come here” She spins the knob pulls the door open, grabs her vest and rope, puts it on the ground then pulls the door closed, picks up her things and brings them to me. Then its play time. Many people here always complain about Sadie playing with these young kids. But when the housing area contacts the parents they are not worried.

    I was at our local circus the other day, I meet an older woman who was asking me questions about my buddy (neighbors grandson I brought with me, he’s 3yr old). He was telling the woman how my dog is like the circus dog and can do things too. The woman told him “its good to have a pet you can grow up with, never leave that dog… she loves you”. She then said they had a collie that was loving to her grandson too.. I then said, well have you seen my intown at walmart before I felt I knew here when she tried to bring her dog inside and they told her no. She was upset that mine was allowed inside. The woman remembered me and my dog, as well as that day. She said “oh your that soldier that was blown up, your boxer puppy was so cute” I said yea she would have been if she was a boxer.. the woman looked crazy and said, what? Yea she is a pitt bull. That woman got angry that I let her around any kids and I was a bad person. She moved to another section at that point.

    • Amber says

      What an amazin story! Its sad that the woman got mad just because you have a pit bull as a service dog. Thank you so much for what you did. You’re an amazin person. (:

  65. Ivy says

    All these stories are so wonderful, hopefully I can have my own story to share.
    I hope someone can give me an advise because I really don’t know what to do.
    I have a female bichon frise she’s 2 1/2 years old. She is like my
    baby very close to me. I think I spoil her too much, what I meant by
    this, It is that I like to spend too much time with her (by the way I
    let her sleep our my bed too.) OK so this is the thing. My fiancé
    wants to buy a pitbull puppy but I really don’t know if they will get
    alone. Some people says that they will be fine since he is 9 weeks,
    they will get alone. But some other people says that since my dog was
    the only dog in the house, she might get jealous of the puppy and
    might be mean to him and Im afraid that when the pitbull grows he will
    try to defend himself and might hurt my 13 pounds bichon frise. I
    really don’t know how I can work this out. My fiancé really wants one
    and I cant tell him “NO” because it wont be fair because He agreed
    with me when we got our bichon.
    thank you

    • Caitrin says

      Don’t BUY any dog. Visit a shelter or a trusted rescue and ask to meet dogs that get along well with small dogs. Test them together under competent supervision and hire a trainer to help you adjust at home.

        • says

          I agree with Caitrin. Don’t buy a dog of any kind. If your fiance wants a pit bull puppy, go to a shelter. There are PLENTY of them there. Pit Bulls are the most euthanized dog in the US shelter system. You can ALWAYS find Pit Bulls of every age, size, and color in your local shelter.

          And I also agree about proper introduction between the two dogs and working with a trainer.

    • says

      We have 2 girl pugs and 4 cats we got a baby pit they all get along really well! In fact my pit is being trained to be my husbands service dog. So your dog should be fine. The key is to socialize them.

  66. Randi says

    The ignorance of people who advocate pit bull breed legislation astounds me. I have worked in an animal clinic for almost two years, and I have had two decades of experience prior to that meeting random dogs. Pits are a popular breed, and I have met hundreds. Of those, only two have been aggressive towards people, and one of those, a muzzled female whose body was covered in scars, had obviously been used for fighting. Generally, when we have a pit type dog in for an exam, the only thing I fear is being beaten to death by a wagging tail. I have never been seriously bitten (fingers crossed) by a dog because of my knowledge of dog behavior and by the grace of God, but I have been threatened and charged by many, including labs, chows *shudder*, GSDs, and multiple yappy things no taller than my knee. In fact, the beloved golden retriever had been my most common antagonist, and boy have I seen some nasty ones.
    Ok. Done with my rant now. Carry on.

  67. Bianca Arlette says

    I would love to get a pitbull, unfortunately, I live in the UK and where they are banned. There are some ways of getting Pitbulls, but it involves a lot of legal proceedings, home checks, registrations, etc. We now have a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Amaya instead. Staffies’ reputation is getting tarnished just as badly as the pitbulls unfortunately. Biased media reports love creating fear among a population of which the vast majority never owned or even met a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. If they had met a well raised and trained Staffy, they would soon realise how wrong their perceptions are.
    Our dog lives with us and three cats. She is the most socialable dog, playing well with any breed from Chihuahua to Cane Corsas. Her best friend is a fluffy cockapoo and their play antics turn many heads on our walks. Our 3 cats have no fear of her, they even try to steal her food sometimes with her standing right next to it. It is beyond me how people can see her as dangerous, but still, I see many people picking up their dogs and children when they see Amaya as if she was a fire breathing dragon out to destroy them all. It is insulting and ridiculous. We actually do know a pitbull whose owner has gone through the whole legal process of owning one in the UK, an he tells the same stories. It is sad.
    But the love and laughter our Staffy has brought into our lives makes everything worth it.

  68. kristian terry says

    you guys are all retarded. saying pitbulls are responsible for more deaths and attacks then most other dogs its probably true. they can be very violent dogs…DEPENDING on how they are raised. These people saying that pitbulls are “the most gentle dogs on the planet and would never hurt a fly” is the stupidest thing ive ever hear. Yes they are very lovable and protective to theyre owners(if they treat them right) and anyone else that shows them affection(mainly protective of theyre owners). but one wrong move by someone and all that gentleness can go out the window. I have a 1 year old girl, American pitbull terrior her name is Roxy. I love her to death. shes very loyal to me but that doesn’t stop her from darting after deer, Squirls, or basically any living animal she sees besides some dogs. also she has growled at people if they raise theyre voice at me or if they touch her and she doesn’t like them. what im saying is pitbulls can be very reactive and can get physical fast. you have to know how to train your dog properly depending on his or her personality and traits, period.

    • says

      Kristian, the fact that you began your comment with “you guys are all retarded” tells me there was something lacking in the way your mother raised you. Wow. That’s so rude. It’s one thing to disagree with people; it’s quite another to be disrespectful and ill-mannered about it.

      Secondly, you clearly don’t follow this blog very closely because around here, we DON’T believe the way a dog is raised has to have any bearing on the kind of pet it becomes. The Vick Dogs are prime examples of this. A dog can come from the absolute worst environment where it was neglected, mistreated, even trained to kill, and still be rehabilitated to be a great family pet. A dog’s past does not have to dictate its future.

      Comments like yours are what kills shelter dogs. People don’t want to adopt a Pit Bull whose past is unknown because they hear the garbage you’re spouting off and they believe it. Stop saying it’s how a dog is raised. No, it’s not.

      Check out this post: http://www.thelazypitbull.com/2012/03/pit-bull-myths-its-how-theyre-raised/

      I would not have expected you to be the owner of a Pit Bull, based on your comments. You are doing absolutely nothing to help educate the public that these dogs are not all bad. In fact, your comments will come back to hurt your own dog, if you’re not careful about what you say and to whom.

      Yes, it takes responsible owners. Yes, we must be diligent and never let our guard down. But the purpose of this website is to educate and enlighten people about what great pets Pit Bull type dogs can be, and comments like yours don’t help our cause. We’re trying to make the world better for Pit Bulls and their families. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Please don’t come back here and leave negative comments.

  69. Bowen Dawson says

    I have a american pitbull, owned him since six weeks old now he’s six months and he’s great with kids and my other dog, a greyhound, super smart too! I quite simply love him

  70. stegina says

    We have had only pits in our family including our 3 kids and cats. Kookie basically raised our one year old cat, that’s his Mommy. They are the most loving dogs and the most loyal. The most important thing is to educate those who have been given the wrong info about these sweet babies. With the right training and most of all LOVE, any breed of dog can be half as good as a pit

  71. JustMe says

    If anyone cares to hear the “real” truth, animals are animals and the larger and stronger they are, the more chance you take of your child dying when owning a large animal. Talk about research and crap all you want – if you manage to get through life without your animal harming or killing one of your kids, you simply got lucky. I have seen way too many children die at the hands of large dogs or maimed by any size dog, no breed in particular. These were supposed loving, family dogs who “adored” children…until the kid pissed the dog off or until the dog simply snapped. Having a large dog is just not worth the risk to me, no more than it is to let my children play outside unsupervised thinking they wouldn’t go near the road, or that my neighborhood was just too safe for a pedophile to be in it.

    My personal solution to this was to have a small dog for my kids, a dog I watched very carefully when around my kids, and to teach your kids wholeheartedly how to treat the animal…with gentle, fun, and loving play. We had our 12 pounds schnauzer/terrier mix dog for 15 years. She had a blast with my kids up until about three years before she died. We were responsible to keep her gated from the part of the house that our young babies and smaller children played in, unless we were there to watch. We let her know that, although she was a large part of our family, she was the dog, and those were our kids and that she was not to growl and bite them…she was not equal to our kids and was not treated as such. She did good, and she lived a good, long life.

    All of you who put 100% trust in your animals and leave your kids alone with them, good luck!

  72. Sashy Nuniek says

    Nice article, I agree with you and I also feel the same thing. Before I adopt my own pitbull I only hear people talking bad about them. People say that pitbull are too agresive,they are fighting dog, they kill people or they did not feel pain. Until I adopt Gizmo my 5 month old pitbull puppy, he is so cute, he like to cuddle, he love to sleep, he afraid to be alone , he really like to stay beside me and my husband. Sometimes I said that he is not a pitbull coz he is too cute to compared with the general steryotipe of pitbull that i have heard before. So there is no bad breed, everything are depend on how we treat them. They are same with other dogs, a good companion and loveable one.

  73. Jayme Kortokrax says

    Not a word about the incredible pressure the jaws of this animal is capable of inflicting and sustaining…absolutely no, NO, statistical facts are in this article…

    Every dog owner loves their pet and thinks they are the most wonderful animal in the world…I don’t disagree but, emotion and anecdotal evidence (I knew someone who knew someone) doesn’t cut it. These animals are dangerous (not all of them) but, some have been bred to fight and you never will know if you got a pup from that line. When they do bite, statistically, there bites are more severe and debilitating. No one will ever convince me that getting bit by a 30 pound cocker spaniel is worse (or as bad) as bad as getting bit by a 100 pound pit, uh uh, ain’t going to happen…

    • Christina Berry says

      Jayme, the beautiful thing about this country is that you are entitled to your opinion. Thanks for sharing it here, and doing so in a respectful way.

  74. barbara Perry says

    there was two little boys playing That were neighbors of mine. they were about 8 years old and I were rough housing, one of the boys in his front door to his houseand his two akitas were on the other side of the door, they have been watching the boys playing through the window.when the door was open the to akitas Jumped on the other little boy, and started to bite him and Maul him,there next door neighbor open the door and told his pitbull misty to go out there and protect that little boy she did and the two akitas just got off a little boy and started to fight misty which then she suffered a severed shoulder blade and then then needed surgery, I always thought pit bulls were mean just bad until that that but I was always afraid of them because of the reputation. then why you’re go I picked up my puppy from his litter and it has been the best year of my life with my dog and I have been raised with dogs my whole life. he is the most loving most loyal dog I have ever had.

  75. Kelly says

    My 11 year old son was walking our little shihtzu yesterday & a neighbors vicious pitbull acted in a matter of seconds to get out when the careless homeowner forgot to shut the gate. The pit ran to my dog and mauled him to death in front of my son. Our dog is a hero in my eyes because he saved my sons life. I will never agree with any of your pro-pit bull stories making good pets. I will do everything I can to make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else & I pray for the safety to all of the pitbull owners & their families.

    • Christina Berry says

      Kelly, I am so very sorry for your loss. I’m also very relieved to know your son is safe.

      However, it is important for you to realize that ANY BREED can be dog-aggressive. Having worked in shelter and rescue settings, I can tell you from personal experience that being dog-aggressive is not a characteristic of any specific breed – it exists in ALL breeds. It is so very unfortunate that your neighbor’s dog was able to get loose and, due to a high prey drive, go after a smaller dog. But sadly it is an instinctual response that some dogs – regardless of breed – cannot control.

  76. Shamika says

    I have 3 pitbulls they are spoil like children. My kids love them . They are like children. They are always hungry for food, and playful. My oldest is Pete He love giving kisses and smiling for treats..

    • Christina Berry says

      No, it is not a lie and I do not take kindly to people who leave comments accusing me of not knowing what I am talking about. Please do your research and do not spread your ignorance here.

  77. kaitlin says

    MY pit gives me hugs all the time disnt know it was a breed thinh and hes soooo cuddly and is my daughter best froend he taught her to crawl

  78. carolyn says

    I have a Pittbull, I bottle fed him since the day he was born. I also have a 3 yr old granddaughter that has been with us since day one. The dog and granddaughter are inseparable 24/7. Our Pitt will not leave her side for any reason. He is very gentle with her. I TRUST HIM COMPLETELY!!! I guess having my dog for over a year since his birth, I can say I really know him. But like I said with our granddaughter and the dog, he is very good with her and around her as well as friendly with people. But if a stranger tries to get close to her or acts violent or threatening, he will stand in front of her and watch the person to make sure they don’t act stupid. PPL SHOULD OWN A PITT BEFORE PASSING JUDGMENT ON THEM. I was scared of them cuz of the lies I heard about them. But it’s all lies! I KNOW FOR A FACT….. I love this article about Pittbulls. And I agree with it 100% I have said time and time again that he babysits our grandchild. (nanny dog)

  79. Kim says

    I wholeheartedly agree. I didn’t know anything about pit bulls, never noticed one and hadn’t heard much about them until I met my ex.
    He had a pit bull and had always owned 2 or more at a time for years. Harley, the dog, and I eventually bonded as he needed to get to know people at his own pace. Loved him! He was amazing! I decided I better buy the book “Pit Bulls for Dummies” so I could really learn about the breed. The more I read the more I was blown away as to how incredible they are!
    We eventually got a pit bull puppy and after Harley died we eventually got another one.
    I have definitely decided I will never own another breed! They are awesome.
    …GO PIT BULLS!!!!!
    P.S. My Mom and Dad were always bragging about our dogs! They made sure friends, strangers, anyone were going to know the truth about pit bulls!

  80. says

    I absolutely Love this article, I have two Pits and I have a 11 year old Red Nose ( Ruby) and I have a Black and White Bully. ( Felony he’s a rescue) he’s 6months now. This article points out examples of our everyday routine and so many misinterprete the breed, I really would love for all of our world to read this so that, the false tails could become a new beginning and put a stop to the death rate of our beautiful creatures, My Felony, goes everywhere I go sometimes I have to take someone in the truck to make sure he’s ok lol. Best thing ever is the people who watch him and I hit the beach to fish, they all are scared until they see the enjoyment he has being in the water catching fish too. The question I always get asked is, is he a Pit Bull? Lol. And I say proudly yes, but he is my boy too and there is nothing better than family. So thank you and Thank God for that one person that can lead to many to identity good and beautiful things about the Pit bull.

  81. Shelby Hartrum says

    Me and my boyfriend are currently having a tiny fight. I love blue pits. He loves red. He believes that red and blue pit puppies can not be raised together. Any input? I really want a blue. And he really wants a red…. So we are kind of at a stand still atm. Thanks!

    • Christina Berry says

      Shelby, why on earth would your boyfriend think that different colors of puppies can’t be raised together? That’s ridiculous. A Pit Bull puppy, just like ANY breed of puppy, can be raised with any color of any breed of dog, as long as both are properly trained. I’m just dumbfounded to think that someone would actually believe that a dog’s color would have any impact on whether or not they would get along with another dog.

  82. madelyn hall says

    I rescued my pit bull from an animal shelter and she’s the best dog. Very well behaved and a great cuddle buddy!!

  83. Jeri says

    My American Bulldog and my Pit Bull ran into the house when my granddaughter opened the door. By the time I got in they had attacked my Pekingese who passed away as a result.
    At first, I wanted to take these dogs to a shelter but realized that they are only dogs and dog to dog aggression is common with canines. Instead, I am taking them for training and using crate rotation with them and my older dogs.
    However, these dogs love people and I am certain that they would never be aggressive to humans. I really loved my Pekingese but making two more dogs suffer wouldn’t bring her back. Dog aggression has no relation to people aggression.

  84. says

    What a wonderful and informative website. I have had three rescue pit bulls and they are the most gentle dogs out there, hands down. So many people are afraid of them only because they have never been around them, or they know someone who has raised them badly, to fight, or have mistreated the dog. My dog will break up a fight at the dog park and will even protect the little dogs, all on his own. His name is Oscar and he is amazing. Clarkie my Pit Bull-Corgie mix is the smartest dog ever. These dogs are easy to train, very gentle with big hearts. I have also had an awesome Golden and a German Shepherd, and an Aussie. So, I am not without experience about other breeds.

  85. Chris says

    My 9months old pit terrier is extremely loving and affectionate towards myself, wife and kids..but he recently started aggressively going after our 7 year old cocker spaniel. Now she’s afraid of him and hides in other parts of our home. I don’t want to lose our pit, but he’s becoming too hard to handle. Please help.

    • Christina Berry says

      Chris, my best advice is to contact a trainer immediately. Your pup is at the perfect age to start training, and I’m amazed at what a good quality trainer can do for a dog. In the meantime, I highly recommend keeping your dogs separated to prevent any mishaps. Keep in mind that some dogs simply aren’t good with other dogs. You might find that your pup needs to be an only dog, and in that case a different home might be the best option for him. Good luck!

  86. Greg zambrana says

    I just adopted a 9month old blue nose pitbull. I have a 4year old 2 year old and 1yearold he has been great with them. Although I never leave them alone

  87. Allison Powell says

    I really appreciate your blog about pit bulls. I absolutely love that breed of dogs. They are my favorite! I had a pit bull named ElWood and he was my son. He did everything with me from mowing the yard to babysitting my niece. My mom, as like so many was cautious about pit bulls; she didn’t like them on the account of the rumors she had heard. ElWood quickly changed her mind and it was as though she invited him over instead of me. He loved laying in the recliner with her and her chihuahua Coco. All my life my grandparents had pit bulls and were even foster parents for the humane society to get them their forever home. We have a picture with my niece who was about 3 years old sleeping on ElWood outside. They both played until they dropped. ElWood fell asleep and my niece cuddled on top of him and fell asleep also. He was a great dog! Well loved and very much a part of the family. Again, I appreciate your blog and the truthful insight you gave to help redirect the society against pit bulls.

  88. kaelyn says

    I have a 4 year old male brindle pit bull. I have fallen in love with the dog. He is the smartest, kindest, most playful (will do anything for a toy), and most trustworthy animal I have ever had. I can literally reach in his mouth and pull a bone or anything of that matter, And he never has one time snapped nor snarled at me. He snugs me all night long in bed and is very well trained. And he kisses me constantly. I don’t think anyone should knock a specific breed of dog until they have experienced the personality of an animal they have raised one themselves. I think about the day that we will lose Thor and it saddens me. I love him as my own child.

  89. Genie says

    My daughter was savagely attacked by a dog when she was two, just for opening a door & walking outside. It tried to break her neck & was only saved by the fact that his teeth slipped, causing a 5 inch long gash down to the bone from her eyebrow to the top of her head. Guess what? It WASN’T a pit bull, but a golden retriever mix. We also had SEVERAL friends who had pit bulls & guess what? They NEVER harmed her at all. The *only* problem any of the pit bulls ever caused was one who’s only fault was loving her TOO much. My daughter didn’t like getting licked in the face, but the pit bull couldn’t resist, so she’d wait until my daughter wasn’t paying attention, run up, kiss her & run away before she could get scolded. Yeah, that’s horribly vicious, isn’t it? (For the record, the pit bull & her people moved away before my daughter got attacked, so she never had the dog getting in her face after she was attacked, for anyone concerned about that.)

  90. Ricardo Valadez says

    i have grown up with pit bulls all my life. I have never had a pit bull turn on me. I have 2 bleu fawn Males and a female. The female I bought when my daughter turned 5 years old. (Now 12)…. That female is so protective of her. I can honestly say. That my female sees my daughter. Like if she was her own puppy… I have never had them chained up or tied up. And they always come up to the porch happy and joyful…. I can not give you a bad experience about any of my pitbulls… They are very lovable and loyal. Oh and PROTECTIVE. I once told a home security sales person. ” I have pitbulls inside… Go ahead and try to come in”. Lol. Thank you guys.

  91. AJ Craver says

    I have seen multiple trauma cases where the family Pit Bull, sweet as ever, completely snapped, and killed or maimed the other family dog or cat. They are some of the sweetest dogs I must admit. However, there is no denying that pit bulls, moreso than other bull breeds I know, can be and continue to demonstrate aggression and have a propensity to do serious harm to other animals, including farm animals. What I find concerning are that pro pit bull individuals tend to focus on convincing people how wonderful these dogs are. Again, many of them are, but I think it is important for pro pit bull people to be as informed as possible, and not ignore the fact that these dogs can be much more aggressive, and can do more damage than other breeds.

  92. Sydney says

    This was such a good article! I have a four year old pitbull (I think she’s American Staffordshire) and she is the most gentle dog. The most she’s “bitten” me is when we were rough housing and I hit my arm on her teeth. Her mouth never once closed on me, and I know it never will. Even as I type this is she cuddled up with me asleep in bed. She also thinks (or knows) that she’s a lap dog.

    The one problem we had was that our older lab was sickly for a while and the pit snapped at him while becoming the dominant dog. Now she’s the alpha and he doesn’t mess with her, though she tries to play with him- which he doesn’t like.

  93. Jessica says

    I have a 2 yr old male black pit named Arlo and next week will have a female brown pit named Nalia. A lot of people don’t want to come around my house or me cause of my pit which is stupid. He is 80lbs and a big baby I love my pits. People say pits are mean, no people have gave them the name mean. If they ever got a pit they would understand them and never pick another breed than a pit. It’s all on how they are raised and treated. I have four kids 8,7,3,2 he has been around my kids since he was 3 weeks old still to this day he has never jumped on them, growled at them, snapped at them or hurt them. He lays there and let’s them do watever they want and never tries to hurt them. He has never been beat abused starved ect. He will sit when my kids or anyone for that matter come toward him and lick them in the face. :) anyways I got on here to say I support pit bulls any breed any size. These are very sweet loving protective dogs and its people that have gave them a bad name not them but people. Any breed of dog can turn or be mean its nature just like people but you only hear about pits and that is so stupid. I love pits and will always support and love my pits and other pits cause they need to be loved and take the time to understand them. I will always defend pits.

  94. denise says

    Me and my fiance both got bit by our own dog we rescued. He was a red nose pit. My fiance loves animals and after he got bit…he kept him then a year later i got attacked by him and my fiance had to shoot him. 8 surgeries later he begged me for another pitbull….we finally bought a blue nose american bully…..and hes my best friend. Its all about how u raise em…

  95. Anonymous says

    Well you need to check up on history on pits. You will find out that the breed was breed as a poor mans horse. Later on the were put it pits to chase rats. That how the name pitbull really came from. Then they were tought to fight other pits an so on. Watch little rascals. Look at pettie really hard. Old movie an new movie

  96. Anonymous says

    Both of you need to check on your history about pits. They were originally used for hunting wild boar. Every pitbull I owned were people friendly, athletic, & v ery playful. These are the best pets to have in my book.

  97. says

    GREAT POST!!!BTW…. your new Pit will spend the rest of his life protecting you. Mine sleeps with my cat, & once saved my cats little butt from a bigger cat that was beating him up. Pit bulls LIVE TO RECEIVE LOVE & TO GIVE LOVE. The more Love you give him, the more sure you can be that he will NEVER allow harm to come your way. U have a new friend for life Stephanie, I promise u that. Ohhhh, and I bet your stupid ex-boyfriend regrets bringin that big baby home. Hahaha….jokes on his sorry a**.

  98. Falicia says

    Hello I’m Falicia, I have a soon to be 3 year old brindle/white red nosed pit bull. Her name is Baby, she is my princess. She is very intelligent and super friendly. I’ve had her all her life and never once had she acted out aggressively to anyone or to any other animal. She has been raised around young children, 4 cats, 1 dog larger than her (husky/lab), and 1 dog smaller than her (poodle mix). Baby is protective over the children and other members of the house. She loves everyone she meets. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about pitbulls, half were bad. Any dog can be aggressive, its just how you raise them. Baby sleeps on my bed with my cat Felix. I wouldn’t trade my dog for any other dog. She’s an absolute sweetheart and considered family. <3

  99. Falicia says

    Pit bulls can also be great companions even if they were not raised properly and severely mistreated. Every dog has their own characteristics and personalities just like humans. All they want is love, to be accepted, and to be part of a family. With all respect, Falicia :D

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