Have You Seen Hanah?

Last year on May 22, terrible storms hit the Joplin, MO area. Lives were lost, homes destroyed, and families were torn apart.
Sweet Hanah, pictured above, hid in a closet with Kari, her human mama, while the storm raged outside. But Kari and Hanah were no match for the storm that would not only destroy their home, but also sucked Hanah right out of her mom’s arms. It’s a terrifying image, isn’t it?
After the storm ended, Kari searched the neighborhood, looking for 5 year old Hanah, who is a 110 pound American Bulldog. Hanah was nowhere to be found. But miraculously, a couple of days later someone did see Hanah and he called Kari. But more storms were moving into the area, and before Kari could get to Hanah, she was seen being taken away in a black SUV with some sort of logo on the side. 
No one has seen Hanah since, although Kari has been looking for almost a year. You can visit her Facebook page to learn more. 
Hanah has one blue eye and one hazel eye. She is a gorgeous dog, and there’s no doubt any number of people would love to claim her as their own.
By now, Hanah could be anywhere. She could’ve been picked up by a shelter, a rescue, or a family that didn’t realize she was missing and being looked for. By now, she could be living on the opposite side of the country
There is a $2,500 reward for information leading to Hanah’s safe return. Any information about her – even if it seems like just a little piece of useless information – may be monumental in bringing her home. Call 812-327-5876 or 417-529-8088 if you have any information about Hanah’s whereabouts.
Now that storm season is almost upon us, it’s a good idea to put together a disaster plan that includes your pets. Think about it. What will you do, where will you go, and will you be prepared when severe weather strikes? 
Have YOU seen Hanah? Please share this story with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. Let’s spread her picture all over the internet and make sure everyone sees her! Let’s work together to bring Hanah home now!

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  1. Rhonda_robinson705 says

    OMG, I hope through sharing and posting we can help find Hannah….She is so beautiful, I know her owners must be beside themselves….Praying too…..

  2. Blackdogs39849 says

    Thanks for sharing – have been helping BHH for almost this whole time – we just have to get her home!

  3. says

    A few weeks ago there was reason to believe she MIGHT be in Florida, but I haven’t heard anything lately. We’re still doing all we can to get her story in the news all over the country.

  4. says

    I’m in lake city FL…..I’ll keep my eyes open and I’d like to share this story on fb. I didn’t see a link….is there one? P.S. one of my daughters-Katie , is a foster mom with Last Hope Rescue in Tallahassee and on line with Pet Finders. I’ll share with her too…….I really hope Hannah is reunited with her human mom!

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