"Keep On Dreamin’ Even If It Breaks Your Heart…"

“It’s the toughest job you’ll ever love.”

Isn’t this the slogan for a branch of the US Military? I have no doubt that is an incredibly difficult job, and I’m so thankful for our Military. But I have to admit, being a dog rescuer ranks right up there with tough jobs. It’s no walk in the park. Some days it can really tear a girl up.

This beautiful dog is Bruno. He ended up at the shelter in Manhattan, NY and I met him through the wonderful Bruised Not Broken Facebook page. Late last week, Bruno was placed on the shelter’s euthanasia list, as all dogs eventually do if they are not adopted or saved by a rescue group. A post was made on the Bruised Not Broken Facebook page, stating that if Bruno was not adopted, fostered, or rescued by morning, he would most likely be put down.


Now I must say, the followers of BNB’s page are amazing. When a dog is added to “the list”, the followers pull together and start sharing the dog’s picture and story far and wide. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email. Everyone starts broadcasting the dog’s information, spreading the word, hoping that a potential adopter will see it and contact the shelter. This is the exact reason why I created The Lazy Pit Bull Facebook page: to share these wonderful dogs with the world, in hopes of saving lives.

Most of the time, the dog is saved. By posting pictures and stories all over social media, miraculously an adopter is found and arrangements are made, and the dog is rescued from the shelter. It is truly a heartwarming thing when the announcement comes, letting us know that the dog is now safe and sound.Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen because, let’s be honest, it’s just not possible to save every dog. There simply aren’t enough homes. There aren’t enough adopters, fosters, and rescues to save all of the dogs waiting in shelters. The cold, harsh reality is that sometimes a dog doesn’t make it out alive.

Bruno was one of those dogs. He died on Saturday, because no one came to save him. 

I like for my blog and Facebook page to be positive and upbeat, a happy place where my followers enjoy hanging out. But it’s also of dire importance that I keep my mission in focus, and my mission is to save shelter dogs and educate the world about Pit Bulls.

I don’t like reporting that a dog we tried to save didn’t make it, but I have to because we have to understand the reality of what we’re doing.

We have to find a way to change the reality of Pit Bulls {and other dogs} in shelters.

Every day, 600 Pit Bulls die in shelters across our country. That’s 218,400 every year. And that’s just Pit Bulls – that doesn’t take into account dogs of every other breed that are killed each year because there was no room in the shelter and no one came to take them home.

We must stop the cycle of unwanted animals ending up in shelters, and that starts with spaying and neutering your pets. That’s followed by adopting, fostering, and rescuing from shelters, rather than paying hundreds of dollars for “pure bred” animals in pet stores and from backyard breeders.  It starts with spreading the word about the thousands of beautiful animals that are waiting in shelters right now for a new home, a new family, and a new life.

You can make a difference right now in the lives of shelter dogs simply by following my Facebook page and helping to network these dogs. Yes, it hurts when one doesn’t make it. But man oh man, you can’t imagine how rewarding it is when we save one.

I’m doing this for Bruno, and for every other dog that died today because we let them down. My motto, from the Eli Young song, is “keep on dreamin’ even if it breaks your heart.” I do what I do every day, even when it hurts, because they need me.

Won’t you join me?  Please follow The Lazy Pit Bull Facebook page today. Do it in memory of Bruno.

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Christina Berry

Christina is a wife, mom, Virtual Assistant and Social Media Strategist, Pet Lifestyle Blogger, movie lover, recovering Diet Dr. Pepper addict, and planner junkie. She loves helping bloggers and handmade shop owners create successful businesses, and enjoys advocating for pets by volunteering with her local humane society and a Pit Bull rescue. Learn more about Christina and the mission of The Lazy Pit Bull here.

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  1. Suzy says

    Hi Christina:  I think this is a great post, and boy, Bruised Not Broken is doing amazing things.  (The other day I wondered, what happened before Facebook and the start of sites like BNB and Urgent Part 2?)

    There’s just one comment I would make in disagreement with your blog entry: “There simply aren’t enough homes.”

    Of the 23 million homes that will get an animal next year, 17 million have not decided whether they will adopt or buy.  If they could be convinced to adopt, that’s 17 million people vying for 3 million homeless pets in America that will be put to sleep.

    There are different numbers out there, but my point is, the long-held myth that there aren’t enough homes shouldn’t be perpetuated — it makes people believe that kill shelters are inevitable and stands in the way of the No-Kill Nation that so many are working toward.

    That said, FB pages like BNB and UP2 would be nothing without the tireless work and help of people like you.


  2. Laura says

    If shelters and adoption didn’t cost an arm and leg. Maybe these animals would have a home to go to.I looked into the fees are over 300.

    • Christina Berry says

      Laura, if you can’t afford a $300 adoption fee, then you can’t afford to properly care for a pet. If you go to the vet for the annual exam and shots, you’re looking at $150-200 easily. Having a pet spayed or neutered is another $200-300. Microchipping is anywhere from $20 to $50. It costs more than $300 for most shelters per pet, and the only way they make money is through adoptions and fundraisers. They’re not making a profit off what people pay for adoption fees!

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