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I started a blog and a Facebook page to increase awareness about shelter dogs that need our help; to remind people of the importance of avoiding pet stores and backyard breeders when they want to add a new pet to their family; and to educate the masses about the wonders of the Pit Bull. In this way, I’m very much like a lot of other bloggers, volunteers, animal rights adovates, and rescue groups.

What makes me different, I think, is that everything I do is for the good of the animals. Everything I post here and on Facebook is with the pure, single-minded intention of making a difference for the dogs. I’m not trying to grow this blog or my Facebook page in an effort to make a profit. I’m not trying to get famous. I am simply trying to make a difference in the lives of homeless, unwanted pets.

This is my focus. My priority. My reason for blogging.


Every single thing I do on this blog and the Facebook page is part of my effort to create a positive outcome for the millions of homeless dogs waiting in cold, lonely shelters.

You can imagine, then, how shocked I am when I encounter other “advocates” who seem to want to argue and bicker and stir up drama and trouble.

I’m shocked when I’m confronted with a person who claims to be working for animals, but takes offense to my methods, and is so offended that he proceeds to ridicule me and then “unlike” my Facebook page, telling me “good luck” in a sarcastic manner that isn’t meant to wish me anything but good riddance.

Now don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe that we don’t all have to agree with one another. And I know that we’re not always going to like everyone we encounter, even those who are working for animals.

But to be rude? To “unlike” my Facebook page after one post that you didn’t agree with? Isn’t that a little dramatic? If you disagree, that’s fine, leave the page. It won’t hurt my feelings, and to be honest, I probably won’t even notice you’re gone because I’m so focused on the big picture. But go quietly. Don’t stir up drama as you go. It takes the focus off my one true purpose, which is making a difference for dogs.

Did I mention that making friends and being popular isn’t the purpose of The Lazy Pit Bull blog and Facebook page? It’s not about making you happy.

The point of this post is simply to say that we all have a common mission. We want to change the world for these voiceless creatures that can’t speak for themselves. But our mission becomes watered down and tarnished when we argue with one another, shifting the attention to ourselves rather than the dogs.

We need to support one another and band together. There is strength in numbers, and we’ll all accomplish more when we work together and not against each other.

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Christina Berry

Christina is a wife, mom, Virtual Assistant and Social Media Strategist, Pet Lifestyle Blogger, movie lover, recovering Diet Dr. Pepper addict, and planner junkie. She loves helping bloggers and handmade shop owners create successful businesses, and enjoys advocating for pets by volunteering with her local humane society and a Pit Bull rescue. Learn more about Christina and the mission of The Lazy Pit Bull here.

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  1. Roo says

    Harooooo! :)

    Good to meet ya!
    You are more than welcome to put my rain slicker photo on your FB page.
    Thank you for asking first! :)

    Waggin at ya,

  2. Willow Wonderbull says

    So very, unfortunately, true……but I will remain Positive! I am Switzerland! I don’t take sides…..I state my opinions…I post things I believe in…..but I don’t demand that everyone agree with me.

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