Will You Help Me Write A Book To Benefit Animals?

Did you know that one of the most common reasons people surrender their pets to animal shelters is because they can’t afford to feed them?
We’ve lived in a difficult economy for the last few years. Good people have struggled to pay the heat bill and put food on the table for their children. When a family needs to make cutbacks, often the first thing to go is their pet.
But what if I could help a few of them by supplying them with food for their dogs and cats? 
For a while I’ve pondered the idea of starting a pet food pantry in the central Indiana county where I live. A food bank for pets is beneficial for two reasons: it means parents won’t have to choose between feeding their kids and feeding their pets; and it keeps families together and shelter cages empty because pets don’t have to be surrendered when there’s no money to feed them.But there are many things that need to be considered before opening a pet food pantry, and I just couldn’t imagine where to even begin.
And then it hit me.
Recently I asked my Facebook followers to share their homemade dog treat recipes with me. With all the news about recalls and animals getting sick and dying from eating tainted products from China, I want to start making my own homemade treats for my dogs. 
Someone left a Facebook comment about compiling the recipes into a book, and all of a sudden, it was crystal clear! 
I’m going to publish a collection of homemade dog treat recipes, and use the proceeds to start my pet food pantry!
And I need YOUR help!
I’m asking my blog readers and Facebook followers to join me on this journey by submitting your favorite dog food and dog treat recipes to be included in my book. Your recipes can be for treats, snacks, and main courses!You’re welcome to submit photos of your finished products. I’d love it if you’d allow me to include a photo of your dog(s) in the book, too!
If you are interested in contributing to the book (which will most likely be an e-book), please complete this submission form by next Sunday, February 3! Feel free to comment here or email me with any questions!

Will YOU help me write a book to benefit animals?

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Christina is a wife, mom, Virtual Assistant and Social Media Strategist, Pet Lifestyle Blogger, movie lover, recovering Diet Dr. Pepper addict, and planner junkie. She loves helping bloggers and handmade shop owners create successful businesses, and enjoys advocating for pets by volunteering with her local humane society and a Pit Bull rescue. Learn more about Christina and the mission of The Lazy Pit Bull here.

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  1. Crystal Beck says

    You should approach the writer of Kol’s Notes and see if she wants to go in on this project with you. She does amazing treats, and does the Tasty Tuesday blog hop, with a new inventive recipe each time.

  2. Loretta Maragni says

    Great idea! I’ve never tried home-made food or treats for my dog, but I would definitely buy the e-book and try a few recipes. May I make a suggestion? I would love to read stories about the pets who enjoy these home-made meals. Pictures would also add to the fun.

  3. says

    Awesome ideas :-). If you start the pantry, let me know. I would like to try the same idea in NJ. Hopefully your pantry will have a website where I can also contribute sometimes.

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