Product Review: Be Pawsitive {And A Giveaway!}


Yesterday over on my personal blog, I talked about how I love the philanthropic business practices of Toms and Bobs. When you buy a pair of their shoes, they give a pair to a child in need. I think that’s such an amazing thing, and I wish more companies would get onboard with this business model.

Would you believe that a pet company actually did?

I was fortunate enough to meet Travis of Be Pawsitive last month at the BlogPaws conference near Washington, DC. He introduced me to the Be Pawsitive concept, which is creative and cutting edge and the best part is, it’s a win-win. You get something great for your dog and you get to give something important to dogs in need.

be pawsitive

Here’s how it works. Each month Be Pawsitive sends your dog a new flavor of their organic, made-in-the-US oven baked treats, right to your door for as little as $18 per month. Each treat box also provides a box of treats to an animal shelter or rescue organization to help those dogs get ready for adoption.

How do treats help get dogs get adopted? It’s an interesting concept. Animal shelter staff and volunteers use treats to reward dogs during obedience training, which helps prepare them for new homes. Dogs that are leash trained and obedient are adopted at a much faster rate, and rewarding with treats encourages dogs to love learning.

be pawsitive

Another factor in adoption is the interaction between dog and potential adopter during a meet and greet. Dogs that are outgoing and friendly are usually adopted more quickly than those that are reserved and shy. When a potential adopter offers a treat, this often helps a dog to relax a little bit, making him more receptive to new people, which increases his odds of being chosen for adoption.

Something else I love about Be Pawsitive is that they make it really easy for customers to recommend a shelter at checkout when they sign up or gift a treat box!

be pawsitive

My dogs love the treats, and I love that they’re made with wholesome, organic ingredients right here in the United States. As always, I highly recommend that before you feed anything to your dog, you should read labels and do your research so that you know exactly what your pets are eating.

If you sign up on or before June 30th, your treat box will ship on July 1st. That means by this time next week, your pets could be enjoying these awesome treats and you could be helping shelters dogs without even leaving your home. See what I mean by a win-win?

Now, for the giveaway! Courtesy of Be Pawsitive, I’m offering a $25 gift card for, another fabulous concept for pets! As much as I love to travel, I hate having to board my dogs in a big impersonal kennel environment. is a network of in-home pet sitters where your dog will be happy and loved while you’re away! Great idea, right? Check it out!

To enter the giveaway, just leave a simple comment below, telling me a little about your pet(s). Name, breed, age, and how you found each other. That’s all you have to do to be entered in the giveaway, and I know you love to talk about your pets!

If you want additional entries to increase your chances of winning this awesome gift card, check out the Rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter the giveaway between now and Sunday night at 11:59pm ET. I’ll randomly select a winner, whose name will be announced Monday on the Facebook page (I’ll also email you, so be sure to include an email address in your entry!). Go on, go ahead and get entered now, and good luck! I hope you win!

P.S. Be Pawsitive sent me a box of goodies in exchange for my unbiased review. They included the gift card. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. 

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  1. Leigh says

    Casey, 16 year old Basset Hound (adopted by my husband long before we met)
    Tana, 14 year old cat (adopted from animal control)
    Gordon, 5 year old pibble (adopted from a local humane society)
    Ike, 2 year old plott hound (adopted from a local rescue)
    Andrew, 2 year old guinea pig (adopted from animal control)

    In this family, we don’t shop, we adopt! My 8 year old son wanted a guinea pig. I told him if he could find one available for adoption (not purchase), he could have it. Less than 48 hours later, he found one at an animal shelter 2 counties away from us… Now our animal menagerie is complete!

  2. says

    We have 5 acres and all adopted critters!
    Dogs:2 of many
    Bug-rescued bait dog, he’s about 10 we got him last month, no teeth and heartworm postive
    Floppy-lab mix found wandering in our subdivision we used to live in
    Cats again 2 out of the many we have
    Goober- apparently he was left when we moved to the new place, very sweet black cat.
    Hemingway- Big orange cat; he was brought in to the vet clinic I used to work at as a stray and had his tail caught in something and half of it amputated.
    Horse 2 of the 3
    Neeko- off the track thoroughbred, we got him from a lady who picked him up at an auction :(
    Molly-appaloosa was given to us by someone husband knew as his kids were older and didn’t ride her anymore so he just turned her out in a field and never looked at her.

  3. Stephanie says

    Boris is a 7 yr old border collie chow mix I adopted from a local shelter as a pup. Indiana is a 2 yr old bridle hound mix of some sort (not sure what) he is just skinny and wiggly…he showed up at my door as a stray…took him in as a foster and got his heartworms taken care of…just say he is here to stay…

  4. stephanie says

    We have a pumpkin kitty, 14 years old that we rescued 3 months ago. She had had a hard life. First with a young girl who moved and could not take her, then for the last 11 months, in a house with 3 other cats and 3 other dogs. She lived in the closet. We call her our PTSD cat, since she is afraid of everything.But she is getting more outgoing and less afraid, We love our girl.

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