No More Christmas Puppies!

no more christmas puppies

Imagine seeing your children’s eyes light up at the sight of an adorable puppy with a big red bow, sitting sweetly beneath the Christmas tree this year.

Just keep imagining it, because actually making this little dream come true isn’t in your family’s best interest or the puppy’s.

Bringing a new pet into the home should be done at a time when the family can spend time with her, making her feel safe and loved in her new home. It shouldn’t be done during the chaos of the holidays, when the focus is on everything except giving the pet the best possible start in a new environment.

puppies are not christmas gifts

What would be better than surprising your girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend with a sweet, cuddly puppy or kitten for Christmas? I mean, after all, how many times have you heard them say they’d love to get a pet.

Bad idea. First of all, it’s so important that a person and a pet have a “connection”, so to speak. When you choose a pet for someone else, you’re not allowing them the opportunity to see if they have a bond before making a commitment to each other.

Speaking of commitment,

Who are YOU to make that kind of commitment for someone else?

If you think a pet would make an amazing Christmas gift for someone you love, wait until after the holidays, then take your loved one to your local shelter. Let them choose the pet they want to take home.

puppies are not christmas gifts

Here’s a sad fact:  

 The reasons excuses people give for getting rid of a gift pet are numerous:

  • I don’t have time for a pet;
  • This isn’t the pet I would’ve chosen for myself;
  • We got the pet as a gift for the kids, but they’re too young to help with the pet’s care and I’m too busy;
  • I like the pet, but I can’t afford it;
  • I don’t know why my loved one gave me a pet as a gift, because I never asked for one.

And the list goes on and on.

As a pet lover, I totally get why you might want to give a loved one a pet as a Christmas gift. But as an animal rescuer, I have to beg you to reconsider. Choosing a pet for someone else, and then giving it to them during one of the busiest, more stressful times of the year is a recipe for disaster for everyone.

There are more than enough homeless animals in the world already – please don’t add to the problem with irresponsible gift giving this Christmas.

Can I count on you to share this post with your friends and family? Will you tell them, “No more Christmas puppies!”

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